Monday, July 30, 2007


It's the end of July already.
And I've just notice that I have only 1 post this month.

By the way, unconsciously the dates sprinted quite a mile until I noticed.
How can be so quick?

Just early this year teacher was teaching us all the new subjects and introducing new things.
And now, I knew that I screw up my 3rd monthly test.

Many things had happened. But it shall be too long a post if I would to do so.
Fascinating year so far. Too many bumps on the road. Experiencing working with difficult people? Definitely.

Now we enter the term 2007/2008.
Welcome welcome.
More bumps ahead, so better be careful.

Looking towards Installation.
Then Exams.
Then many projects.
Then camp. ah, camp.
Maybe more camps? yay.

Won't get to go for church camp this year though.
Gonna meet up with my US cousins! WooHoo!

I shall not worry too much about later on.
Everything is planned.

But for now...
My latest craze shall be a...

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TaaDaa. Pretty pretty Nintendo DS Lite!

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