Friday, August 24, 2007

A post before the month ends.

well, this should be one of the last posts this month. Or maybe, just the last.
Have been busy for quite awhile. The whole month to be exact.
And I'm here now in KL, blogging from the apartment where you get to use free internet service. it's a hotspot.

The month started with another monthly test.
Hmm. I knew I screwed it. again. And there's only one more left. One more exam before the next year starts. That means one more chance for me to sit down and do some school work. Recently I had this scary dream. It may not seemed scary to some, but to me, it is. I was skipping maths class (as usual, after we had a change of teachers). [This one's a guy, doesn't speak much english, and many of my friends thinks he looks a bit perverted. Especially when he gives you that kind of weird smile. LOL. And once my friend wanted a solution of a maths problem, he wrote the answer from the text book on the board. No wonder our results were going down. So normally, if I happened to bump into him in school, I'll dash the other way. i dunno why myself. Phobia of that teacher, maybe. But I don't exactly know what type of phobia it is.] Skipping extra class for maths, wanting to go home earlier. So I called my mum to pick me. But my phone died, (in real life my phone dies quite often, too.) and then extra class was soon over. But I was still waiting for my transport. Then the maths teacher came down, carrying the projector, screen and laptop. In my direction. My natural instinct was to scurry off. So I did. I ended up crossing the road, running at high speed back home. Some how, the teacher manage to catch up with me. I thought he wanted to catch me for skipping his class. The next thing I knew, he was staying in the house just next to me. Then I woke up. Good thing it isn't true.

After test it was back to Interact and duties, stuff to get done before installation. Many.
Plus, NCO. Must really be a bisy period.
Installation went by, I did my presentation about the environment, which i use iMovie HD for the first time to complete a movie. And then people did their stuff, we did our stuff, and then bam. Dateline's reached. Installation went by, not a total success having some uninvited guests coming in doing their stuff, some bad performances, and events not running smoothly. Hmm. Not really organized the way it should. Perhaps could be much improved, after learning many mistakes. After A long and tiring day, It was NCO.

And after another tiring day, it was.. Holiday! hahah. yay. Everyone loves holiday.

Yet another long journey from home to Kuantan one the first day.
Went to the beach awhile, ate steamboat at the old shop, old town coffee,watch the simpsons on DVD, and then sleep.

Next day we continued the journey to Kelantan. Passing by the state of Terrenganu, I felt the rage. Of unfairness. At the same time I was reading 'To kill a mockingbird'. How some people get terrible unfairness. The white persecute the black. Racism. How's democracy? Is it still working? How come Kelantan beat our strongest link?

I dont understand.


I concluded that Terrenganu is not a place to get a career in medicine.

Reached Kelantan airport about 5. Then I met my US cousins! Amanda, and Andrew. You see them like they're just like you and me. Not till they talk. Pure american slang. Its cool. And they have three months summer holidays.
Here comes the amazing thing. Kelantan is the Kampung place, Islamic, and fish market style. Hot, humid, nothing like in the states I guess. Surprisingly, they didn't even complaint. And they liked the food, which is fairly good. There's still some Malaysian blood in them, I guess, from my uncle.
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Wow. Its Wau's.
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After Kelantan we went to KL.
Another long journey. Pass by the state we should have been in. Selangor. KL. KL!
Still, I occupied myself with Dahfa and my book.
To kill a mockingbird - sounds quite familiar, right?
Its a good book. Go read it. Its very touching.
I shed a tear or two in the ending part.
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Of course, we stopped by for lunch. Somewhere near Genting.
My two nephews. My dad said that they're full of atomic energy.
They get down the car and start running again.
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and - Ramli is good, good malaysian food. Ramli is good, eat it like you should!
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KL these days.
Have really Bad roads. Payed many tolls for getting lost in the City. Hmph.
Make a wish, quick! before the sky gets dark, we ain't gonna get lost in KL. Again.
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My US cousins stayed in a six star hotel.
The view from the balcony,
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI stayed in a apartment in sunway, my aunt's house, where I get free internet the whole day. ahahah.
Since in sunway, always a chance to Ice-skate. This time I called Sharlinn, who was in KL also.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWho's there trying hard to balance? Not me. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThen there's me

Night came. We went for the last dinner in KL before everyone gets back to their daily life.
Free Image Hosting at All the cousins on my dad's side, thats not all yet
They had a Nintendo Wii there. We played. Okay, now I know why PS3 boss had to resigned. Wii killed it.
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Free Image Hosting at
yarrrrr..... I want a Wii!!!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
That's it. They're back.
I'm back to JB.
I don't wanna go to school.
Finished this post in JB.
wanna get out of here.

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