Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fast and Smooth.

I found myself on YouTube searching for videos of Child Prodigies for Piano.
Got addicted.
These children are really good. Not only good. They're virtuoso.

!. Gabrielle Chou, 8 year old

2. Shaun Hern Lee, 4 year old

3. Kit Armstrong, 10

4. Zhang Sheng Liang, 10

I wonder what was I doing when I was young.
Doing stuff that wasn't useful I guess.
These people are so young.
Makes me feel like a total loser. Arrrgh.

That four year old kid, composed a song when he was 2 and a half.
I guess many were just starting to sing ABC's.
Read notes?

These type of people existed since a long time ago.
Like Chopin.

This 15 year old guy, Kit Armstrong,
okay. Genius. Fullstop.
He plays piano.
Composed almost 50 pieces for piano and strings.
Performed more than 100 times.
Speaks 6 languages.
Went to high school and university, part time, when he was 7.
Rears Chickens, whose names are Elements in the Periodic Table.
Does good origami.
Plays tennis, skiing, biking.
Juggles in his free time.
At the same time, study the model model trajectories of balls as they are juggled in various patterns with mathematica.
Design almost 20 computer games.
Attended 7 universities.

Sometime you start to wonder, why aren't I like one of them?
because you were made like that.
Do do something else, not to do what geniuses does.

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