Friday, August 31, 2007


today my school had a mini celebration of our country's national day.
And my principle said this in her speech:
"Last time i spoke to you 4sc1 girls. you are the smart ones. if you girls are not going to be researchers, scientists, and biotech people, who will? you girls are tonggak for our country! we have a certain standard..." blah blah blah and so on.
my friends beside me whispered in my ear: only science one lah. we all are stupid class.


I remember my dad sad like, if you study in singapore institution, then you must work for them, as a bond. Otherwise you pay them up for your sponsored school fee.
And then I remember watching Singapore day speech the Prime minister gives every National Day.
"we need more babies. we lack of people. we created good institutions so clever people can study here, in Singapore. Then they have to work for us to pay their bond. Then boys have to go for National Service. Then they become citizens!"
something like that.

Then I thought for awhile.
Then i asked yithng, are you going to work in Malaysia when you grow up? or Singapore.
She said, singapore la.
I asked, better pay isit?
She said, of course la.

I know my parents want me to study in singapore institution, which is no doubt recognized internationally.
I ask, how about KL?
They said, not recognized la.

That's it.
then I have to work in Singapore for at least 3 years.
By that time I will adapt to their working environment so well, that I do not wish to return to Malaysia to work.

But I thought, as good Malaysians, we should use our talents for the development for our own country, not for another instead.
Maybe I'll come back and work after a few years in Malaysia. Just to show my gratitude for this country I grew up in.

But. One problem.
The pay is pathetic here.
My mum is a skilled nurse.
and recently she goes free lancing since I go to school for long hours.
The pay is 10 bucks per hour.
even maids get better pay. and they are not skilled.
No wonder many goes to Singapore to work, the nearest, yet such a difference,
The nurses there gets 30 sing dollar per hour if im not mistaken.
Why work here? Go Singapore lah!

the nurses here practically do nursing not mainly for money, it's the heart that matters.

and why, somehow, singapore kids have greater talents for academics and stuff.
maybe because they have more money for more facilities? partly..
They have better teachers, like omega teachers, I guess.(but omega has zero facilities, they students' skin are so fair because they don't get sunlight for studying in and air-conditioned class room all year round.)

Omega teaches teach properly because they are Being Paid Well.

Lets say Malaysia is a tree.
The clever people are the nutrients.
Then Singapore is the parasite.

Our brains have left us.
They have big brains and big strategies.

Pay nurses more. please.

Oh yeah. Pass 12. Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia.

"We are specialized in nasi lemak, goreng pisang, cendol, ABC ice kacang, kangkung goreng belacan, roti canai, laksa johor, laksa pahang, laksa kelantan, laksa penang, laksa sarawak...........honk honk honk I wanna get my cendol larr faster la faster that front car there why so slow wan.... honk honk honk"

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