Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today I had moral class.
Normally, I just carry on with my unfinished homework while she tells us a couple of stories.
But today, I find her story, or rather a discussion, was worth listening to.

This teacher is from Singapore. And she works in a Malaysian government school, which I have no idea why nor ask her before.

Today's topic is on 7.2 saling membantu dan bekerjasama.

"peningkatan taraf hidup rakyat usaha bersama."

ahh. okay okay that's enough.
since when they wanted to menaikkan taraf hidup rakyat?
How? How?

a large portion of Malaysia's brainy students ended up studying in an oversea University, which is easier to attend, rather then wasting your sweat and time appealling and argueing WHY MY KID CAN"T STUDY IN A LOCAL U?!!

I know its damn hard to enter one. Unless you're a bumiputra who gets special priviledges to enter one, with subsidise school fees and living cost and whatever crap you need, government will pay for you.

I respect my moral teacher. She is a malay with different mindset.
She sends her children to any other school with chinese and indian kid out there, because she believes her child can compete with the others. Just like a normal citizen.
She doesn't takes the subsidi the government gives because she says, its unfair. You can afford it, why must you take it then?

Then she wrote DEMOCRACY on the white board.

This reminds me of the book I recently read: To kill a mockingbird.
This scene happened in the school of Scout Finch, a little girl whose father fights for the rights of Black people in America back in the 1930's.
And her teacher asked the class, "Democracy, does anybody have a definition?"
Scout answered, "Equal rights for all, special priviledges for none!"
Then their teacher made them say,"We are democracy!"

everyone deserves a good read. read that book then. you'll understand much more.

So now, I know entering a local you and working in singapore. the pay definately sucks big time.
my cousin, a fresh grad who holds a degree from Malaysia Multimedia University, now works in singapore. And she gets 1800 dollars a month.
my mum's friend's kid, fresh grad from NTU, Singapore, working now in singapore itself, gets 3000 bucks. Cool?

Then I guess he'll get stuck there for the rest of his life.
Another cousin of mine works there, and converted from malaysian to singaporean.
I guess because they just simply love life there. With all the greater technologies we still don't posess, and they don't mind they kiasu competitioin. It constantly improves their living standards.
For us here, just chill. Enjoy kampung breeze. I love the trees. Save the environment.
Then keep the place clean as well!!
That day when I was about to leave my seat in the bus, I couldn't lift up my leg.
Guess what. Some moron stuck some chewing gum on my seat. My leg got stuck on it. and it pulled up so messyly when I lifted up my leg to get off the seat.
Some people just couldn't care less about things. Uncivilized.
No wonder singapore is pretty clean.
They banned chewing gums.
I know we hate it, but that's what happen when people simply stuck their chewed gum on public bus seats.

Im not here to praise how good is singapore and to critiized the malaysians.

but how "peningkatan taraf hidup rakyat usaha bersama." ?
Life is better on which side?
everybody's running out of the country to find better pay and studies outside, its like almost a 'must'. 5% gets local U. Others, like my teacher said, its mostly parents responsibility to save enough to sent you kid overseas.
Because government makes you study 10 compulsory. No tertiary is compulsory.
And their money spent on local U, i don't know.
The hostel sucks. because I stayed in one before. One of the St. john activities.
the toilet is spooky and my friends can leave me there to crap because they got something important to handle.
Guess what happens when you stay there for like 3 years?
spooky toilet everyday?

Your Einstein's all gone?
Naik what taraf hidup.

I don't know.

This world is just never fair before.
Some people work so hard for an achievement.
1st year, fail.
2nd year, fail.
3rd year, almost there, then fail.

nobody's gonna let you win.
nothing's fair.

Somebody who can't do things quarter your standard, miraculoasly wins you.
You ask me, WHY, everytime you think the whole damn world is unfair.
I still don't have an answer.

An out of 300 students in my form, I guess its only 2 and a half people I can trust.
That's 0.008 percent.

It's Entropy.
Because Jon Foreman says so.

Oh. Boy.
I missed it.
The copy of lime whih interviewed Switcfoot for the new album 'Oh! Gravity.'
March 07. My birthday month. Danggg.
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By the way, after 8 months since the album first released (chiristmas 06) I manage to grab one in a record store in Sunway. That time when I was ice skating.
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There's not a record store I see here with decent new albums.
Which shows how darn long i haven't been to my neighbouring country, Singapore, to grab some new albums.

I need not worry. Cos i've made up my mind to go there for my tertiary studies. I highly doubt if I have a motivation to bring me back to work in Malaysia.
I don't want to be exploited like my mum herself.
I want my fair share of pay.

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Live it Right, People.

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