Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.


Should have trust my instincts.

Really, should have.

Recently I have been spending, randomly, 3 to 4 hours in front the piano.
As a lepak corner.

New trend for me, eh.

So most of the time I stare at the keys, then my hands.
The keys, then my hands.
The keys, then my hands.

Then I thought, what if I don't have hands?
Or something bad happened to it one day?

True enough.
Today, my brain was a little disorientated.

I came out from my mum's car, a slamming the door.

Before my hand could leave the door area, the end of my little pinky finger got jammed.

It was pretty numb for a second.
And when I got back to my senses I opened the car door to release my finger.
Seems like all the blood vessels exploded under the skin.
As red as ~ deoxygenated blood.

I quickly grab some ice wrap to have it cold compress.
It was better only a little.
Now its still swollen. least it wasn't a fracture or amputated - I might have died of depression.

And I knew it.
Thus came the day when I will have to stop lepaking in front of the piano.
No more Op.66.
No more nocturne Op.9 no.2.

And maybe, its a warning sign: start studying, or else you will have no fingers! T_T

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