Thursday, October 04, 2007

22nd October.

It was first announced that our year end exams would start on the 22nd October.
That time I was in add maths tuition when the teacher told us.

Wit Lyn said, ah crap. its my birthday and its the first day of exams.

I said, yeah, Jon Foreman's birthday as well.
Last year I found a floating giant air balloon cake which states, 'happy 30th birthday'.
I wanted to post that on a Switchfoot forum, when it was foreman's birthday.
And that time my computer was super lag and had some friggin problem with the internet connection. That does it.
Someone else found that picture too and post it a few minutes before mine was uploaded.
Well mine wasn't uploaded at all.
-page cannot be displayed.


Today I found out Franz Liszt was also born on 22nd october.

No wonder Jon Foreman came out so talented like Franz Liszt.
I bet Wit lyn too.

Chopin was born on 1 march.
Same month as my birthdate.
Only 10 days different, and a century and a couple of decades earlier than me.

No wonder I came out so untalented.

I've been addicted to La Campanella.
Only one thing, I will never ever be able to play it.

Something to brighten your day.
Victor Borge - Pianist, Comedian.

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