Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some good memories returns.

Hmm. Decided to blog after visiting facebook.
Facebook is Crazy. Seriously.
I don't know what craze is this but it seems everybody is on facebook, the new friendster.
When I just joined facebook, which is quite sometime ago when a working friend sents me an invitation, I thought it was a networking site for serious people.
Unlike now.
I can sent fishes, bread, candies, eggs, pets, whatever you think of. In facebook.
Come on, its all virtual.
But one thing, it syncs with a mac on many occasions.

Back to topic.
I was just lying down, with symphony 92.4 playing on my radio.

The sound was just, so grand.

The trumpets. it must have been them. It must have been them adding the 'grand' feeling to the orchestra.

Hmm. It made me miss my golden Jupiter trumpet. So Much.

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I played it for 2 years.
The last two years in Primary school.
In my favorite marching band.

My school band was one of the unforgettable things in primary school.

We spent time learning the instruments together.
We spent time practicing songs together.
We spent hours training our music and steps in the hot sun, tar road.
We spent many occasions performing together.
All in the name of - good music.

LOL. My school band isnt the best.
It doesn't have many brass instruments, which are the expensive ones, like FY1.
But we work pretty hard to get our songs together.

I remembered I badly wanted to hit the drums when I was in Standard 4.
But things somehow wasn't the same. I got a shiny golden trumpet.
Others were silver, and a bit rusty.

Remembered how we first started.
The new batch of trumpeteers had no idea how to blow one.
No sound came out of any trumpet.
Until our coach thought us how.
Many because mine was the newer one, I could blow one!
But it really takes alot of breath to blow into one, if you don't have the right technique.
Most importantly it takes great stamina.
Otherwise you will get the feeling of wanting to faint after blowing in it sometime.

Well i really wonder when will be the next time I get to get my hand on one.
Maybe never again.
Two years of it, and that's it.

Some good things don't repeat.

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Pretty violin?
I got my hands on one when I was... 10 or 11.
I went to Penang. And this friend of mine thought me to play. A little.
Most of the time no sound came out.

Hmm. If I can play one, I'll find a job in the orchestra someday.
At least you don't play solo, like piano.
You make one mistake, that's it. Everybody hears it.

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That will be Shar Linn trying to play a cello. ahah.

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