Friday, November 23, 2007


Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind.

The night is passing slow. I'm stuck to the usual routine, watching YouTube.

When I was searching for some amateurs playing winter wind on piano, this showed up.

An impressive choir performance singing Blow, blow, thou winter wind.
It really gave me a real shiver down my spine.
I thought I felt winter wind on the surface of my skin. ( no, not the air conditioning)
Especially the tenor part, plus a few baritones. Dashing.
Only 25 singers. Impressive.

Maybe Puan Doreen should invite some males to complete the tenor and Real Bass in convent choir O.o

This may be the the few events in my life coming across - Sound.
Like the Trinity school Choir I saw in the awards ceremony 2 years ago.
I was amazed with the sound. Yes, sound, not noise.
If you ever heard me singing, it's nothing else than noise.

Its bad enough I can't sing. How nice if every Christmas I get to listen to a SATB choir. Orchard road doesn't provide that kind of facilities. Too bad. Singapore should sent their National Choir Team for caroling in Orchard Road. Definitely more tourist will appear. I bet if they're good you can even feel the cold winter wind blowing in your face even if the fact that we're actually sitting on the equator. Ahah.

So then. I stick to the keys. I cant sing.

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