Monday, December 31, 2007


It's like 2 hours to the end of 2007.

Meh. It's damn fast. I haven't build that dream house of mine in the Sims 2 - which i promised myself I would. (thanks to my lousy PC, can't install without errors.)

Holidays is coming to an end. Like WHAT HAVE DID WITH MY LAST YEAR END SCHOOL TERM HOLIDAYS. HUH. I don't even know myself >.>

How did this year started. I don't even remember.

Ah, yes I do remember. Wasn't a very good start - it was flooding 24/7.

Then the about the same things happened.. just that it becomes more exciting, challenging, problematique? 

heheh. thanks people, for this exciting year. I don't count it as hard. Neither tiring. It's fun to see how things go along as time passes by. Different challenges every second. tanoshii.. tanoshii desu ne? 
Just Some things: 
Running in and out of class like nobody's business. LOL. It's too easy because the door is right behind me. Now you see me, now you don't.

Handling difficult people, many. Too many. People of All Ages.

To ease my mind during chinese new year holidays, I went swimming with some, no many many fishes in a pulau. I really wanted to Pulau myself that period of time. And I thought I saw the Entire Night Sky there. There were countless numbers of Stars in the Sky. Then I slept alone in the balcony, listening the the sea waves, reminiscing.

Went further in the competition, that means much more.

I met an old - childhood friend from penang, twice, because of our affiliations. 

Cycle a two man bike. YEAH. It's kinda scary though. And some suspicion went on that night.

Manage to do some teaching. what else do you do on a Friday after school.

Played some screwed shit on my electric guitar in an event >.>

Then I learn very simple nouns in spanish. It's the third widely used language in the world, it seems.

Umm... watch some of those Drama's people talk about so much. Hana Kimi, KO One, Full House. Was killing time during the May holidays, I prefer to stay at home when compared to shopping. 

Did some event management. Of course not on my own.

There's a period it was All C-pop. Ok. Uek. I cut it off already lol. Now it's only a couple of them in my iPod.

Ooh, got addicted to O2 Jam a period of time. Now it's only once in a blue moon I play it.

Happy tree friends, anyone? I love Mime. Mime is mine. heheh.

Met my cousins from Cali. meh, those kids are cool. I wanna live there XD

Played that Wii everyone owns. Another cousin in KL. Not me. I don't own one.

Read that book - To Kill A Mockingbird.

Coincidentally, Fann happened to be in KL. So we went skating. Ice. Skating. Some Bozo bang into me from the back or else it will be the record of not falling down on that wet ice and get my butt wet.

OH. Oh! Gravity. Finally. JB sucks when it comes to records. Just pop your head in any Recird store in KL - and there. You find what you want. Come on, JB has to improve on this, Oh! Gravity. Has been out since last christmas.

Then went it was back to school, tuition life, I got addicted to that lovely ChocoTop Ice Cream from McDonalds. It's not that costly too. Yum. I could just walk over to Plaza Pelangi from Omega to get it. Then catch a bus home. How convenient.

And after 2 years of same hairstyle, it was time that good student girl cut. Now I cut Punk. Yo.

Did a video presentation. First time I used that application on my mac. iMovie HD. Cool program.

On the way there was small, but lots of events to see to. Still, fun, wasn't it.

Ahh. Exam period. Time ti de-stress. Time for classical music.
No, got addicted to piano prodigies on YouTube. Got really piss with myself. Like what have I been doing during the years the poor piano teacher was trying to help me pass my piano exam. Nothing. I feel useless after watching those people.

So I decided to teach myself. Fantaisie Impromptu. Nocturne 9. La Campanella. Minute Waltz. Don't disturb, i'm trying hard on that second hungarian rhapsody. Liszt is Genius. Virtuoso. I need a teacher.

End of the year people started talking about anime. Because its year end you don't need to study and you can start that 200th episode of Naruto/Bleach.
I watch Prince of Tennis. La Corda D'oro. Ouran High School Host Club.

That's it. School reopens soon.

SPM arrgh shiitto sien. It'll be that boring - school-tuition-homework-study-tuition homework- exam-test-midyear-diagnostic-setara-Finals! life? Hate it. Gonna last till End of November. Maybe even December. Phew. 

I wish 2007 didn't end so quickly... I rather have that problematique, brain exploding life.

Rather then that boring - school-tuition-homework-study-tuition homework- exam-test-midyear-diagnostic-setara-Finals! life. 

I know certainly not all think like me. They very well look forward to 08.

Well maybe I should, too. Trying hard, to.

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