Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wanna get outta here.

Next time when I grow up, I'll make sure I'll stay somewhere better. Not somewhere like JB.
Yeah, I know I should be thankful because JB is apparently the biggest city to KL. (not too sure about Penang's ranking)

But it really sucks. This city could be much better. Really.

There's no proper concert halls for orchestras to play. Like poor MPYO had to squeeze on a small stage in the RTM auditorium with lousy acoustics. They played well, no doubt. But the hall sucks. I know the Esplanade is near. No one would bother to take a glance at JB's concert hall (if they Are gonna build one). At least a smaller, but proper one.

There's no proper entertainment hall like Max Pavilion in Singapore or Convention centre in KL. No bands will ever come to JB. Like Switchfoot.


They will hate the environment, no doubt. Like we hate it. The drug addicts and kidnappers and snatch thefts and rapist are so widely spread around this town. And the feeling of disgusting-ness when you enter JB from singpore. You know, the passport officers not doing their jobs instead joking around and playing with handphones and flirting with each other as thousands walk past them everyday. And then the pedestrian walkway, dirty and filthy, filled with beggars doing nothing but begging for money, the only pathetic escalator which operates so slowly (nothing compared to the MRT ones where its too fast causing people to have the drive to move faster every second) then the band of phony taxi drivers where they drive you to a nearby place and charging a very unreasonable price, or rather up the Tebrau highway and charging you a terrible bomb that blows a hole in  your pocket. They refuse to use meters. 90% of them.

Which stupid band would be daring enough to hold a concert in JB. None.

Meh. It's so disappointing. When I can easily get a ticket in holiday plaza - 10 minutes walk from my house.  But it's no use. The concert is in KL. And the ticket is half the price of the show in Singapore. Gahh. 

Don't mind don't mind. I'll catch the one in Singapore. At least I'm not like in Terengganu and is crazy over Switchfoot and have to take a flight to KL if I wanna catch their show =s

Quick. Escape.

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