Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Look where you're standing.

Is this French, or what.

No, it's Terreng-lish.
English originating from Terrenganu.

It just brings back some bad memories. Never mind, forgive them. Although education there is still kinda backward, they make good sea products, like keropok lekor.

So the annual chinese new year comes around. Off to Kelantan!
It's been many years since I stayed in JB and travelled to Kelantan with my parents in my dad's car. Maybe the pass four years have been clearer.

I went to there when I was a freshman in secondary.
This time I go there as a senior in secondary, hoping very much to get out of this and to college.

And yes, we stayed in the same chalet we stayed 5 years ago in Terrenganu, before hitting Kelantan.

But this time I brought my Mac there. Suprisingly, that chalet actually did have wireless internet connection, unsecured, and super fast. Teehee. Loved it. And the sky, was filled with twinkling stars. We ate some fast food on the beach, looking at stars. Maybe that's what Terrengarians do all the while, no wonder 'pliz colleq fud & derink at conter'.

But sad enough this years' income is less than half of last year's.. T.T LOL
Guess because there wasn't any major exam where people ask, how many A's and stuff, you see.

Still, I spent most of my time there playing with my cousin's Wii. Seems like all the Cheam family has a Wii, except me. Played the two games, Rayman Rabbid and Wario Ware - which my dad said its for autistic kids, I kinda agree. But tennis was best. I got quite a terrible body ache after playing it for the whole day, I mean, whole day. Oh yeah, and somewhere in between the game with my cousin bro, his dad came with green, mixed vegetable juice, forcing it down our throats. At least I didn't faint like those PoT seigaku regulars after drinking Inui's new and improved hyper remix vegetable juice. LOL

And, that piano, which has been sitting in the corner for years with no one ever played it since my oldest cousin there, now married who past her grade 8 umpteen years ago, yes, I played it for the very first time there. After years and years of going back to that house to stay every Chinese new year, this will be the first time I ever touch that Piano.

I dugged some books and scores, all 1983 onwards. And found a collection of Beethoven's sonatas. Within 3 days, I managed to press some keys out on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Strauss' On the Blue Danube. Heh. Chinese New Year with these pieces. Something different. But on the first day on CNY I woke up with the sound of Baroque Music. heh. Not those dong dong qiang tunes with young girls dancing to it, and shouting their lungs out to those fa cai lyrics.

Still, I collected income which would cover just enough for my expenses to that recent Switchfoot concert. ^.^

Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Others can see it, but only you can feel the warmth. - Jon Foreman

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