Friday, February 01, 2008

Switchfoot Makes the Best Music.

I feel like disintegrating.
Yesterday night was massive, and something I will never ever forget. Never.

After waiting for like 4 years (really love them since 2004) finally a random email came to my mailbox - Switchfoot arriving at the Pacific rim.
I was dumbfounded by that email, somehow feeling that Switchfoot will NEVER come to this area. But somehow as time passes, they covered more areas around the world, to Canada, to Australia, to UK, to Philippines (this one really struck me because it was SO near to Malaysia), and then finally to my place. Not JB of course, because JB kinda sucks. To Singapore, and KL. Although I really wanted to go for the KL show (ticket is much cheaper), but of course I can't. Singapore is much nearer.

Yes, I went for the Singapore show yesterday. For free standing, its 90SD. The KL show is only RM115. Heh. Maybe the KL place isn't that good, or maybe its just - Malaysia.

Who cares. It was worth a watch.

Here goes. I left school after Interact Meeting around 3.20pm.
Boarded a bus to City Square, crossed over to the custom immigration. (as usual we don't need a passport, the people there don't give a damn if you don't have one).
Got on a causeway link bus to Queen Street. Quite a long ride - 40 minutes.
Bases on my instincts, I manage to walk straight to the Bugis MRT station. heh.
Interchanged at Tanah Merah, and finally... EXPO!
I walked to the end where it was the Max Pavilion. not really near though.
It was 5.15pm, there were already some people there. Some from the WMUM section.
In the 90 buck ticket I think I was the 10th to be in the line.
Then i heard them Sound Checking! They played Lonely Nation. heh. Free music.
I sat there and waited for my cousin and her friend but they came much later, that made me come out from the line because I the ticket was with them.
We took a picture with the banner on the grass before we entered the line.


We lined up outside until 7.50pm. Singapore time - Real time plus 40 minutes. lol

Then they let us in. The security made a brief check on our bags - and they made me throw my drink I bought earlier on. =_="

Well so we went in, wasn't the concert hall straight away though. They were selling T-shirts and some cards and stickers. We wanted to get a shirt then, but it was quite a queue, and decided that these could be bought online so we ran in the concert hall.
People were all over the front. We were about 7 rows to the front.
I was somewhere to the side, where Jerome will be standing later because the synths are there.
We waited.. and waited.. until about 8.10 and the MC came in and announce the never ending list of sponsors. And then the local band - the fire fights played an opening act. The songs were like so head banging. The bass was blasting that make peoples heart beats follow their beat. I could feel the pumping wind on my feet because the bass amps were 2 meters away from me.
Their composed music, I can say, good, but not my liking. Nobody actually dance to their music when they lose themselves on stage. Especially when you're expecting Switchfoot soon. The same went for West Grand Boulevard, only that their songs is not so head banging when compared to the earlier band.

After the opening band the MC came out again and say thanks to the same list of sponsors. Again. Which really got on our nerves. lol.
Then a few sound man who works with Switchfoot came out and fix their instruments. I kinda recognized their guitars... looks familiar in podcast and music videos.

.... the lights dimmed, people screamed.
They banner was let down, it was the Oh! gravity. background!

And then... I saw Drew, Jerome, Chad, Tim... and Jon!!!!!!! LIVE!!!!
Drew had a new haircut, I think. Tim had cute hair. Chad and Jerome's was about the same, Jon had golden hair, flowing! hahahahah... it was a dream to see them live.

Jerome was infront of my standing place. Drew was nearby. Jon was obviously in the middle. Damn I wanna be in da middle. damn. you'll know why very soon.

Not to say something flashy, but I felt like Jerome was looking at me. ROFL. I think he's just looking over to my group of people. ahah.

Okay the opening...
they played the Meant to Live intro, which made the crowd wanna continue with that hardcore song, then they suddenly switched to Oh! Gravity. What a surprise!

The list of songs played:
1 Oh! Gravity.
2 Stars
3 This is your life
4 Ammunition
5 We are one tonight
6 The shadow proves the sunshine
7 Only hope
8 Learning to breathe
9 Chem 6A
10 Gone
11 American Dream
12 Dirty Second Hands
13 On Fire
14 Awakening
15 Meant to Live
16 Twenty-Four
17 Dare you to move

P.S. Bad quality video and audio. Reason: bad camera, which is my W810i, people and me as well, jumping and waving hands, and plus the big amplitude of screaming, might not be able to hear Jon's voice well because we were singing along!

They entered the stage and everyone started screaming. They played the into of meant to live knowing that the crowd will expect the song, th switched to Oh! Gravity. right after the intro! Cool guys.

Then they played Stars. The song that hit the billboard.

And then - This is your life. Jon, apparently he ate his guitar, if you know what i'm talking about. So far I only saw one pro guitarist did that, on a specialised DVD. But Jon! COOL!
And then he went down the stage, went to the middle of the front crowd and touch them, just like he always does. Unfortunately I wasn't in the middle, I was at Jerome's side.
My cousin said he took someone's cam and took himself. kuso...

Ammunition. That catchy song from Learning to Breathe.

We Are One Tonight, The shadow proves the sunshine. GREAT SONGS from Nothing is Sound.

Only Hope!!!!! Learning to Breathe!!!!! These two sound good played side by side after one another.

Chem 6A. The song that was stuck in my head during the exam period. teehee. From the album Legend of Chin.

Beyonce's Crazy in Love Intro!!! They did the cover of this song in pepso smash, but didn't think they'll do it live!!! Guess what the intro fits nicely as they come in playing Gone!

American Dream split into 3 videos - sorry about that, I was confused by the super cool American Dream Freeze Pose! It was like more than a minute they stood like that, not moving at all!


Dirty Second Hands - From my angle I could completely see how Jerome does all the effects of this song!

On Fire, was sang so melancholic-ly. Everyone was singing along - I guess the fans' voices kinda cover Jon's. heh. Jon played Harmonica well!


Meant to Live rocked the house. The song that we thought is going to be played in the beginning happened to be one of the last! After this song they went in. LOL. Expected to come out.

Twenty- Four and DARE YOU TO MOVE!!!!
Twenty four was in acoustic, rather melancholic again, then DARE YOU TO MOVE IN ACOUSTIC!!!

Jon played on his own until the rest came in the scond verse!!! Terrific combination.
The whole audience was singing along.

The last part of dare you to move.
Notice at the end of the video Drew and Jerome came and throw something. Yeah I was blur enough to not know what they threw. I search for awhile and then stop. And then pick up someone's button badge. Then the girl infront on me said "I GOT IT YESS" I ask her did she get a button badge, she opened her palm and there it was - THE CONCERT GUITAR PICK THE USED. I felt like Disintegrating straight away. It was Black, and had SWITCHFOOT on it in white and some kinda picture down there in the pick. Oh Damn. Only if I was more of a detailed person. I bet Jerome threw the pick right at me - LMAO. It was definitely around, but the chance was just snatched away. Just imagine me like a balloon deflating. That was a feeling of TRUE FRUSTRATION at that point in my life.

Good, now I learned something to improve myself on - Don't let any chances go by just like that, grab it that very second and do it detailedly and don't give up until you get what you want... ahh damn that concert guitar pick.

The sound was good, the combination of songs were good, Jon sang well, the band played well, and most importantly they put on a really good show, not flashy. KL, get ready for a good show tomorrow.

So that's it. I saw them live already. It was time to go. Caught the last MRT, last bus to JB, and last chinese taxi to Kolam Ayer and lie in bed at 1.30am. Didn't sleep until 2+am. My mind was too active, and that frustrated feeling on myself.

But this is definitely my dream come true. Dreamed four years back. Comeback sometime again, Switchfoot. I miss your live music already.

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lishun said...

they rocked the kl gig too. and it's more expensive in s'pore because, well, it's s'pore! anyway, i'm just glad they decided to give m'sian music fans a break and come to our shores as well. it was a great set. had a smashing time. =)