Friday, February 29, 2008

tensai no tenisu.


It's February 29 on a leap year.

Therefore, its seigaku's tennis prodigy - Fuji Syusuke's birthday!


Nya~ didn't know anime-tors can make such a character that makes many get attached to it. ^.^

For those who have no idea who this is,

Fuji is:
A student from Seishun Gakuen, from the anime Prince of Tennis.
Tennis player, rank no.2 after captain in the seigaku tennis club.
nicknamed tennis prodigy - check out those cool moves.
found smiling most of the time.
When he's serious, you'll get to see his sharp eyes.
Immune to Inui Juice.
cute. to me.
a mysterious character.
someone who cracks sadistic jokes.

And, born on Febraury 29, that is today!

Happy Birthday Fuji. Stay Angelic. >.<

today my friend randomly stated that, malaysia is promoting racism. Probably angry over what happened in that recent sports day. Look, the whole school's talking!

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