Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Those Bias spoil OUR day.

I really really want to get out of Malaysia. Really Quick. And thank God i'm form 5, that means only one more year to endure.

Yea, its going to be a hard fight out there to be at the top, but - justly.

I don't know why, but those racial issues have reached dear infant jesus convent. When i thought it was only within the older people and politics, it have certainly reached our school. Through the older people of course, who else. Teachers are definitely older than us students, right?

It was tough work when china mens came in to do mining.

It was tough work when indians came in to do rubber taping.

It was tough work when we trained every recess, 120 students sacrificing their recess break, to get their marching done for this day. And yet. Results were awfully shocking. Ridiculous.

Many, cannot face the fact that little inter-house/units competitions can contain such bias.

St. Teresa's cheerleading's leader was stealing the show, and - yea. euck.

And I cannot stand the fact that those gerai outside selling drinks, dump their unsold drink on the road, and multitudes of limau rolling on the road, and cars squash them up and we get, a terribly 'clean' country.

But, salutes to those who are different. They are the ones pushing forward with the ones working hard. There need to be more of this kind of people.

We just want fair competition. That's all.

Maybe the teachers don't want us around. Seriously.
It's not even up in the school website.

Do you fit the title of being champions?
Ask yourself, bozos.

Last year, why did the MC (obviously one of those who play in this mini politic game with students), announced the winner wrongly, then quickly changed it?

This year, they just decided to go with their damned plan.

Even my ex-senior said, this result was expected.

I.J. Convent JB is full of bias and rotten politics. Sorry to say that.

Thank God i'm form 5.

to my ex no.2, somehow, we feel proud of you.

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