Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stop Barking.

Stop meow-ing, and stop joget-ing.

And let me show you this.


Its the National marching challenge trophy my team miraculously attained last year.

And its going to be returned in 2 months time, since its a challenge trophy.


And today I found myself playing bat and cockroach.
I encountered with a flying cockroach who flew in my room from an unknown source. All I knew was it came in through the door seal.
It seriously flew centimeters above my head.
So I grabbed my faithful baseball bat (which I keep beside my bed in case of any bad guys to whack), and swing it recklessly. And somehow when it was only the first swing it managed to hit it - man down. man down. No, cockroach down.
It must have wanted to take revenge on me particularly because a few days back I was torturing and drowning one in the drain.

Hmmph. Its kinda strange how big organisms like us freak out when we see small organisms like that. Most probably because they suck. Big time. Its dirty and it smells, has a creepy shape and color, all those, you know. Its just something you hate.

Gonna set up some traps. Now.

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