Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bring me to Wammy's house. please?

I was supposed to catch the movie 'L:Change the World' with my girlfriends today, right after bio extra class. (Bio class huh, it kinda spoil my day)

Yeah and the cinema cut down the show times to a very inconvenient time.


Still I had to catch it before it completely vanishes from the theatres, or else, too near to my midterm examinations.


The story has a rather straight forward plot.
There's isn't much dark brain battles and extreme suspense like in the Death Note anime. (The DN movie kinda spoil the whole story though).
It was a spin-off from Death Note, and for those who loved L (and his quirks).

Well I did loved him. In the anime.
Kenichi Matsuyama's portrayal of L in DN's movie was better than how the others portray their characters though. But he did not have that spacey look and showing more of his quirks, probably because DN's story was cramped into that two miserable movies, and less scenes with him in it.

But in L:Change the World, yeah. It's all about him. He's the hero and you see all his quirks.
And seeing him babysitting the 2 kids was really cute. His crepe van, riding the bicycle, spending nights in the internet cafe with the two kids, taking a city train and stuff.
This time he got the whole character and personality out! Great spacey looks. Heh.
He had the knowledge of knowing several stuff, like he spoke English and Spanish, controlled a plane, biology and chemistry, breaking codes, he's got a good brain after all.

The part naming Near when entering Wammy's House.. hmm. Well, its just a whole different story from the original Death Note story.
He did utilize the last 23 days of his life for good, with no pride involved.
It was kinda sad in the end though, knowing that he will die.

He has a good human nature.
And he deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace, if someone like him really existed.

That's L. A unique character the authors created.

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