Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Wrong, People?!

Ugh, so this is another rant of mine.

What in the world is wrong with my country's citizens?

Today it's on - Service.

I raced down the slope of my school because I spotted a public bus from afar.
And I was certainly in time for the bus.

I raise up my hand, signaling to get on the bus.

And yeah, the bus driver looked at me, and I looked at him, he gave a curt smirk and didn't bother to stop.

I was ... astounded.

Then after a car and a lorry follow passed, and there, came another bus!

I was absolutely sure I could get on this one.

Instead, the exact same thing happened - as like the first bus.

Am I a death god or whatever that these bus drivers won't let me get on their bus.

And then 2 guys sitting at the back of the lorry in front said : " TAK DAPAT BUS JALAN LA HAHAHAhAH...."

If I had a death note I would have killed them all, The two bus drivers and the two idiotic guys sitting in the lorry.
Yeah. Don't worry folks, I'm not Light Yagami, I will not succumb to something like that. It's bad, I know.

There was once when I took a bus home, and when it was the next stop I pressed the bell.
No sound. Then I press another. I thought it rang softly, only to the bus driver, but the truth was that it never rang.
And I when I told the bus driver I wanted to get down, "TEKAN LA ITU LOCENG HEEEEYEER"
I said, "tak bunyi la encik, saya cuba two tiga kali pun....."
I was interrupted, "HEYEEEEERR"

That's it. I flew down the bus, pissed.

Maybe I should follow Fann's style, hopping onto the bus without paying a cent.

Terrible Service we have here. Not all, but 90%.
There was only this once where Yith'ng and I boarded a bus after training from school. It was a nice 50 year old chinese uncle.
Surprisingly, to my house, it was only 60 cents, he charged us. He said we were students.
Then we stopped at City Square for awhile, like they always do.
And he ask Yithng to get him a drink from the shop across the road.
He gave her RM5, saying, go get a drink for yourself as well.
Isn't this kind of people, So Rare??

Ugh, we're still under barisan. Bus services are still as terrible as ever.

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