Friday, April 11, 2008

A Psychological Triller.

I spent a week, on and off, watching another anime, just before the mid year examination.


Its Death Note I'm talking about.

I know that people are all over the new movie 'L: Change the World".
A Spin-off from Death Note.

Well, actually I presumed that it must be another useless freaky movie where the protagonist or whoever in it must be a good looking one.

It goes by the name though, telling me that its another horror movie in the market.
Plus what I see in the papers, a pale human looking downwards, I and judged that , that must be the ghostly one. Pale, you see.

But I guess I was wrong to judge a movie by its name.

I checked out the one of the coolest anime ever.
Its a psychological thriller - gets the viewer to figure about the messy situation where the characters get into extreme conditions.

Its about Brilliant Minds.

I can rate all the characters and give them a placing in terms of brainy-ness.
And If I were a character in it, I know I'll be nowhere near the top. >.>

Still, the Brilliant Characters are:

Light Yagami.
The bored, yet probably top student in Japan.
He wants justice, but in a wrong way.
Full of pride, and values his life a lot.
Selfish - only use people and discard (kill) them once they're done with his business.
The ultimate human psyche,
You love him, and yet you hate him - thats the way it is.

The young, 24 year old, top private detective in the world.
He'll put his life on the line on catching Kira.
Has very little pride,
I guess you can never find another human like him,
Quirky, but you'll love him to bits.

L's successor who solved the Kira case.
He's 15 when he started off where L has left.
He took more precautions than L which practically saved his life.
Calm and defensive, plus the help of the case's base of L, and Mello's side, he solved the Kira case that have been going on for 6 years.
You love him because he's so cute with the bishounen look, he won't love you.
He's too busy meddling with his 101 kinds of interesting toys.

Prior to becoming L's successor together with Near, he gave it up and went on with his own plans to catch Kira.
In relation to his death (and Matt) benefited Near when he caught Kira off guard.
Kinda emotional, unlike Near who is the calm one.
You'll love him if you're the hardcore type.

Amane Misa.
She is not your average lala. Of course, she is pretty shallow compared to the rest of the characters, and can’t read ahead like everyone else, but she is pretty smart even then by human standards as she knows how to cover her paths by acting means and knows when not to speak.
She is probably as obsessed with Light as much as Light is obsessed with Justice, which brought to a sad ending.

A more detailed description of the characters here.


Someone whose charater you can never find in reality:
"L, Coil, and Denuve, the world's top 3 detective, I am all 3 of them. Here, I'll give you a strawberry so keep this a secret."

There, for me, I got to go back studying, after feeling so left behind these characters >.<

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