Thursday, May 15, 2008

Could have done much, much More.

2 Goofy footers and a Natural footer. Well, surfing in our little lagoon in Sunway.

Heck it looks so fun to ride the waves.
But yeah, its pretty impossible to do some decent surfing in Malaysia.
In the first place the Sunway wave pool was opened early in the morning so that those guys from Switchfoot could do something from 'home' over here.

Sometimes I just feel like a fat lump.
I'm not skilled in any sports related activity although I really, really wished I was XD
Hahah. I could do Marching though. lol. In a Squad of 4. Although we had a nutcase, but we managed to be the National No.1 Marching Squad, yeah well in my uniform body, you know. lol. Don't play play.

There's really a number of things I would have wanted to learn but didn't have the opportunity to, or simply wasn't 'exposed' to it that interest me when I was younger.

How old am I now? 17. High school ends this year. It's like in a blink of an eye.
But yet in that split second I get the feeling that many things had happened.
Just not enough for me to enjoy it. lol.
I'd expected high school to be something like what we see in moviesXD

Malaysia. How similar can it get to when compared to those school life movies we watch, when it comes to Government education, huh?

PSD rejected a 10A1 girl a few days ago. LOL man LOL.
When my mum first read it to me I thought Malaysia was over populated with smart asses that I'm pretty left behind the others.
Everyone is getting 10A1's and above, more and more each year.
Now that the matter that it was published in th STAR newspaper, its pretty certain that the girl will get what she wants after all, they will do that to clear the people's bad image of the PSD.

yada yada yakyakyak. The people will continue talking. I shall stop right there.

These are the things I would like to learn, so far for now,

Took it up before with a coach and 2 friends. We were just playing around with 100 worn out tennis balls at 8pm every Tuesday that time, when we were in lower secondary. Now I regret like- grrah. Shouldn't have wasted 20 bucks everynight to play with a racquet and ball. Since there's a coach there, should have tried harder=/
Then I would have a 'favorite; game to play as my hobby, you see.
Roger Federer. Pretty cool guy huh. Super Skilled. heh.
Probably ready to hit a pretty slice in that yellow ball.

If I had lived in a sandy beach state, I would have take up surfing.
It must have feel really good cruising the waves, almost like flyingXD
But sadly, the beach nearby in my town is that filthly Lido beach. Couples that chose to, date there throw their cigarette buds all over the shore. Yuck.

Yar. Another thing I wasn't serious about when I was younger.
I don't know. I became angry at the rebellious age and went for an electric guitar.
The instrument that produces all kinds of cosmic sounds, loud too.
But for one thing I must compliment, the physics of it is rather interesting. Especially those skilled fellas (the long hair ones, head bangers-mostly) makes use of the entire thing. How they produce very high frequency 'harmonics' yes that's it. Harmonics. Go read about how the string vibrates in a different way.
Anyway, classical is evergreen.

and maybe, Trumpet? =)
I can only play C major songs.
Because that's the only Key the foon yew 3 marching band plays in. lol.
I really miss that time.
We practiced on the tar road where the bus parks in front of the hall.
Brings back good memories.
That was once I played music in a group, and I enjoyed.
heh probably my lucky trumpet made me better than the rest. Not to brag about it. I don't play well. Only played what you would call a good basic. It was a Jupiter Gold Trumpet.
That instrument family always brings out the majestic-ness in a grand piece when played in an orchestra. You know the feeling, Grand.

Somehow I feel left out in this world.
Everytime there's the interclass chess competition I can straight away reject the offer to represent my class. lol.
I know the basic rules.
I just don't play.
Probably because I'm the only child, which leaves no one at home available to play chess with me.
If I play, I play the hotseat. Which cost double the brain usage.
Does it somehow reminds you of L from death note? lol. Its hard. Playing Hotseat. Really.

I have a junior who plays chess really well. Maybe should get some lessons from her lol.
But for her to beat me flat, that's kind of embarrassing. lol. But I bet she can easily beat me flat, though.XD

Japanese Language.
You probably can guess why one want to learn Japanese.
So you can understand 80% of what the characters are talking about in an un-subbed or Raw Anime Episode, eh.
And its always cool to have an understanding of another language other than your mother tongue and Bahasa Melayu, and English, am I not right>.< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">SIGS
does offer Jap classes for the student as an extra subject. Hmm. That's kinda cool.

And then if I can get private lessons, maybe I could even learn some dancing, modern/ballroom, anything (you know, someone who can't dance would really get a hard time out there getting laugh at) I know I'm not in for dancing, but it does seem fun. Really fun. These dancing people did it from young. My muscles don't flex like them. Its different.

Even Ice Skating maybe. If I had started young, I would have been a fair figure skater by nowXD All I can do in the rink is only being able to skate forwards. Figure skating is a beautiful one. Gliding on the ice, dance-skating to music. Falls into the same category as surfing. How many skating rinks do we have around. One in Singapore, one in KL. KL is definitely impossible to make it a hobby. Singapore too. Not like I can go in to Singapore every few times a week. And figure skating, its something like ballet. Sometimes your body just don't meet the physical needs when you're older when you start learning it. Only that figure skating is cooler than balletXD Speed skating looks massively fun as wellXD
Just watch the upcoming Olympics and you'll get what I'm saying.

BUT as one says, you'll never stop learning until the day you die. It isn't impossible to take up some new skills along the way=D

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