Friday, May 23, 2008

Rubik & me & my stupid cube.

Oh wow. It's the last day of the school term.

And I had a terrible migraine from morning.
I'm tired. Really.
And Chem 1 would be another paper I slept on >.>

Thank God for Pocky and the whole family of it.
It makes me a tad better.
A small packet in the box had only 6 sticks>.>
2 went into my stomach.
The other 4 sticks, to 4 of my friends.
(sorry Florence. Next time you wait for my Hello Panda, K. =D)

I have my various reasons for wanting to watch it that much.
Then the people I was suppose to go out with, HAD to be free only on the second Wednesday during the holidays.

And then I had a few titles on my list to watch on DVD:
Amazing Grace
Mozart and the Whale
Spiderman 3
(stop ranting about the not-so-interesting titles, its just something I decided to watchXD)

So I went to holiday plaza with my mum who wanted to buy a birthday gift for her friend.
There was so many pirated media shops.
But I had no luck in finding those titles.
Oh, crapp.

Anyway, Switchfoot Podcast 33 was out a few days ago.
And Tim Foreman was doing a Rubik's Cube at the end of it.

Podacst 33.

And then today my friend Eunice brought 2 cubes to school.
Although she's not pro, but even being able to solve one side is cool enough for me.
Some freaks solve it in 5 to 10 secs, where the whole cube spins and flicks like. an electron? lol

Yes there's formulas for it.
But I wonder how many of them actually discover the whole solution by themselves, eh.
I always thought it should be solved like that, that's why I have one lying in my house for ... 7 years, maybe?
Lol who knows.
All I know its a cheap piece of plastic that jams up everytime I wanna turn it.
Probably bought from a highway shop, when I got bored during a long car ride.

And popularized by some EC guys.
you find them smuggling time to flick and turn one in Classes.
Yes classes like Physics and Add Maths.
Add maths had to be harder than solving that 'common' puzzle, I guess.

But for science one peeps, maybe not.
They score near perfect marks for add maths in every exam. >.>

And then YouTube. Heaps and mountains of people who can solve it like Robots.
Even Better than a Robot made to solve the cube.

This just proved to me that millions and billions of people out there can solve that puzzle.
And I just had to be Not one of them.

So this was the first activity I did in this holidays.

I told you it was a cheap plastic cube.

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