Saturday, May 24, 2008

Umbrellas, Fauns. War, and Love.

YES. I have to stick to my holiday plans. I said I will watch Prince Caspian means I will.

Then again, I sat in the theatre with my family, watching Narnia just as 3 years ago (about the same season I failed my piano examXD, it just happen all at the same timeXXD) on a Saturday evening.
I got to thank them for a family day. How many parents sacrifice time to watch Narnia with their kids, huh?


As expected, the movie was good.
The whole thing brought out the imagination of one reading the book itself.
I personally finished reading more than half of the collection, and it was always a war between good and evil, and issues that reflects a person's life.

But it just ain't any other adventure story in a child's imagination of umbrellas and fauns.
I believe C.S. Lewis wrote the story for a cause, and its up to one to decipher the meaning behind it.

Oh well, there's no Mr. Tumnus and his umbrella meeting Lucy Pevensie at the lamp post anymore. No world of War-Drobe anymore. Prince Caspian isn't as magical as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, since the first story was made to depict the Creation of a New Beginning.

But the characters were still as lovable as ever.
The actors had already grown up, 2 years older?

But Lucy still looks as adorable as the last movie=D (Although bigger and prettier)
She HAS got to be my favorite character.
Children are always so innocent and possess that child like faith which we tend to lose as we grow older and become more intellectual.

Edmund has grown.
lol. Looks pretty good now he's in his youth.
I can vividly remember that naughty boy who got into trouble in the previous movie.
But now all I can say is that he's character really matured.
He once used to tease Lucy and get into arguments with Peter.
But now I don't see any of those. That's what happen when you grow up Properly.

Susan is bigger too! She does look more matured.
And I just love the way she takes care of her younger sister. It's so heartwarming to see her get down the horse and fight the bad guys. That, is really valiant.
She has got to be the next Legolas (from LotR)!!!
Her aims with the bow and arrow are flawless.
But of course, she's a girl, and her Prince ought to save her, that would be Caspian of course=D

And then High King Peter.
He looks pretty much the same to me, yeah, maybe more towards a grown up man. lol.
He gets into frequent argues with Caspian an all that, its pretty expected though, both being hardheadedXD
What I admire most is his courage to get along with the one on one fight with evil king Miraz.
Come on, all of them are still kids. Who would risk their life in a challenge like that, now? What will tomorrow be like if I'm gone? What will happen back home?
Peter just answered, 'leave the questions for later.' and continue head-on with Miraz.
That, is courage.

Prince Caspian.
Looking good. =D
He did forgive Miraz who killed his father, after stopping himself from killing him
yeah but nasty Telmarine soldiers killed the king themselves and charge towards the Narnians.
Nasty Telmarines, yes, a part of the human race. These group of people they they lie, they cheat, they steal.
And Prince Caspian has to gain back his rightful throne and put things back to how it was.

And then there's Aslan(with Lucy). The big, great, talking Lion.
Gotta love him. Period.
(His great lion roar is in a really big magnitude. Just watch the semi-circular waves propagating in the light blue-green river watersXD)

I wanna hug a lion too!

And the other good characters were amazingly portrayed, too.
Dr. Cornelius, Caspian's teacher.
Trumpkin, the dwarf.
Glenstorm, the centaur.
Asterius, the minotaur.
Trufflehunter, the badger.
(and everyone's favorite)
Reepicheep, the valiant mouse.
"you humans have NO imagination."
lol. The mice were seriously strong in battle.

The villains were villainy.
The situation was messy.
It certainly was not an easy task for 4 young humans and animals and creatures to bring them villains down.
The bad guys had a really big army of troops.
The film in itself often a reminiscent of LotR, but the major difference is being in a childlike simplicity, this one retains.
You might think this is a child's thing.
Just try to put yourself into their shoe, what will you have done then?
I don't know how many of us will actually accept the new place and do whatever it takes since you're the only one who can put in effort to change the whole big situation upside down.

I'm talking about risking your life and fighting in a battle against huge men and machines.
While actually, you're only a young student, taking a break from school.

Who's in?

Soundtrack version. This is Home.

When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more; but the righteous stand firm forever.- Proverbs 10:25

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