Friday, June 13, 2008

Maromi you innocent puppy.


Another anime I've finished watching. Started during the holidays but only managed to finished it now. It's a 13-episode anime. Short, but CRAZY.

Well then I shall not be a spoiler here.

All I can say is this:

Its about people. All kinds of them.
And the culture we face everyday.
And running away from problems.

There's is hit and run assailant that is described by the victims as a young boy on golden blades and a crooked golden bat, but the victim doesn't recall his face at all, when they are questioned about it.

And then there's this Maromi cartoon character that is all over the series.
Created by a girl that was brought up in a strict family, and her imaginations runs wild and creates very impacting 'stuff'.

You gotta watch it for yourself is you want to know more.

I was clueless in the first episode. And it doesn't seem appealing to me to continue on with the series. But since I started watching it might as well finish it after all its only a 13-episode.
But the Whole story fits nicely like Near's blank puzzle.

Oh. Near, who is he?
He's from Death Note who caught the bad guy.

A blank puzzle, fits nicely, but its blank white.
An open ending.


Satoshi Kon is amazing.

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