Saturday, July 05, 2008

A piano teacher.

Its been 2 years since I had someone to teach me to play the piano.

And then I've been told to play the piano for a praise and worship session. This would be the first time I'll be playing for an adult worship leader, you see. Once in a while I'll play in the children church together with a few other teenage kids like me. We enjoy each other's company, playing music together. There will be a drummer, a keyboardist, a guitarist, a bassist, and a worship leader. Just like a 5 piece band.

On Wednesday, the worship leader Auntie Nancy she came to my house to rehearse. I've heard about her from my other friends in the adult worship team, that she is a perfectionist. Seriously, I was a bit reluctant to play with her. But since its for a new school my dad holds a share in, I would support him all the way. The principle is Auntie Ruth, the former Sunway College JB's principle. And she's a superwoman. Salutes!

Anyway, the 'terror' of piano lessons were revived. Auntie Nancy had to be one of the most musically talented people I've ever met. She doesn't only play classical and read notes, but she plays chords and improvisation amazingly well. I've learn about the relative chords all in the theory books and exam syllabus, but not playing it. One question on the inversion +augmented/diminished + add11/5b whatever, would take me at least 3 minutes to figure out on the paper. Let alone play it straightaway on the keys. Composers must have known all those pretty well in order to composed a well toned piece. Well auntie Nancy could do that. She read them and plays them straightaway without much effort.

I had learn solo guitar once, with a teacher. And I had to learn all these special chords that gives the tonal effect and 'feel' to a piece in order to play solo guitar. Of course it was all noisy and the teenage rage was in me. And yet I found it so hard to put it to practical sense. And I assumed that the guitar teacher thought I was a prodigy at notes and relative chords but the fact that it wasn't true and I couldn't comprehend half of what he was playing on the guitar, had me leaving the rock guitar music world. But I still have the admiration for those who can play solo guitar. Harmonics and special effects on the guitar that takes applies physics 'wave' principle. It was very cool, watching Dream Theatre doing all those special effects, while waiting for class to start. But its me who couldn't carry on with freaky chords. So there goes my electric guitar. I traded it in for a acoustic violin. =D Although I had bad experienced with stringed instruments, violin was probably better because I Only Read Notes. Maybe when I turn sixty, I would be qualified to play in a small orchestra.

Auntie Nancy was somebody who would placed your finger back on the correct key when you simply hit a note when you're not sure about it. Yes that's very me. She has perfect pitch. She could stand somewhere not looking at you and yet hear a flaw in a Complex Chord. Since I couldn't understand the complex chords, I had it all written down in notes. 5 notes in a chord. But not those far apart ones. I had forgotten so much of it that I even wrote sharps and flats on the right hand side of the note. It was a sweaty and tiring Wednesday night full of blurry notes for me. Thursday was full, from morning till late night, I didn't have time to practise. So I had a crashing time 30 minutes before the event on Friday. Practised over and over again until I got it right. Said a little prayer, and that's it.

Thank God I didn't screw up too badly. lol.
I know there were several bad chords played.
But only auntie Nancy knew. The crowd could not hear a flaw in it:/

For me, back to notes ♫ =D

Mercy is one of my friends that has the talent in understanding Chords.
I failed Grade 6. But hey, those who are young, start appreciating your lessons. Don't drop it. You'll regret not practicing happily enough and then start thinking, why aren't I talented enough like those prodigies? They might have that extra talent but I believe they play their instruments pretty often, enjoying what they do.

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
Leopold Stokowski

Random Classical piece, Chopin. No teacher, plus mistakes.

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