Sunday, August 31, 2008

This ain't my Malaysian Dream.

Rule no.51: Justice will Prevail.


Happy 51st Independence Day to my country.
I got my kerakyatan Warganegara in 1991. yay.

This year I haven't quite gotten the merdeka spirit actually.
I skipped the Friday recess assembly when the teacher read out the merdeka message actually, instead I was completing some Biology worksheets that should have been done earlier on.

Later that Friday I was uninstalled as an Interactor.
It was definitely great experience. =D

Interact man. Interact. I hope people outside this club would not have the wrong perception, thinking that all Interactors do is socializing with teenage people - for the wrong reasons.
Of course we socialize, its for a good cause. Learn about it first, then talk.

Saturday night I found myself reading Wiki about Anwar Ibrahim and Ketuanan Melayu.

In this case, I'm maverick.

I am not taking sides because I know nuts about politics.

This country is definitely broken in these recent years, no use denying it.

All a young girl like me with zero political influence can do is kneel down and pray.

I am Not Giving up on this land. My forefathers may have originate from Hainan Island, but I was born to this country. Of course on this earth, I can call no where home; but at least I have a more or less blessed country with enough food on the table. But the policemen are too busy investigating sodomy rather than putting effort in reducing crime rates. Sooner or later, Justice will Prevail. And Dr Mahathir better stop saying things like "(on Anwar Ibrahim) I'd rather see him become the PM of Israel." I don't like it.

Everything is changing. Its bringing us out from our comfort zones.
If Obama wins this November, its going to be another historical milestone for the states.
No, de facto the World.
Recently, I read one of his keynote address and realized that I was an ant living on this planet. lol. There are a couple of big guys out there like Tunku Abdul Rahman and Albert Einstein and Mozart.

And I thought that my History book contains 20% facts good to know and remember, 20% facts good to know and no use remembering, 30% repeated self-praising stories and rantings of why the bad happenings of today, 30% anonymous not-really-true stuff.

Sometimes my mates and I wonder how will it be like if the British never leave this land.
Will someone like Nelson Mandela appear and fight for rights? lol who knows. History has it orchestrated like that. I have done nothing useful in figuring that out.

But it will change, pretty soon.

After SPM I shall read up some interesting world history.
For now I should just concentrate on the not-so-appealing history book on my study table. hah.


Green Seri Muka Kueh. Mercy and Fann says they see the immigration officers eating it every time they enter Singapore. We don't need a passport to go through Malaysian side. They're building a big and nice building. They wanna improve, too.
Call local food unclean or whatever, I still love it. I barely get any stomach aches from eating local food.

rakyat, find the truth.
work hard. be nice to each other. and 7 cheers for Merdeka!

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