Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Way To Be Human.

Everday it's the same thing
Another trend has begun
Hey kids, this might be the one.

It's a race to be noticed
And it's leaving us numb
Hey kids, we can't be the ones

And where is our inspiration?
When all the heroes are are gone
Hey kids, could we be the ones?

'Cause nobody's famous
And nobody's fine
We all need forgiveness
We're longing inside

You're a new way to be human
Where my humanity bends
To a new way to be human
Redemption begins

Chong Wei, Chong Wei. Playing badminton on enemy's ground. Your Homeland people are no where to be seen. Maybe Lee Kuan Yew was there. But your Country Leaders are back home picking fights with each other. Only people in red and yellow shouting their lungs out for you to be smashed.
Before he knows it, he's crushed into million of pieces.
Migrate lah. Like how some China people becomes a Singapore citizen, playing for Singapore against their homeland. Singaporeans will give you their full support waving their flag in red and white and five stars. Red Coats and Beige Pants. 1 million bucks.
Political leaders in Malaysia don't have time and money in their pockets for Olympics.
Only a few students here and there have the enthusiasm to support our dear Malaysian player.

There is no place called home on this planet. I am but a stranger passing by.

Little girls who look very much like 14, Kexin maybe, gets a Gold Medal in the Olympic Games.
People like Michael Phelps and Bolt Usain breaks world records. Everbody is improving.
My aunt says her little nieces in Singapore of 9 and 12 writes better essays than we do.
Similarly, many kids in Singapore finish music graded examinations and swimming lessons before they hit 12 and parents digging out precious seconds to do charity work so that the children will have the 'qualifications' to enter a premier school. Yeah Singapore is another country in the race to be notice.
Everyone wants another one more achievement.
Everyone wants another one more A1.
Everyone's in a race to be notice.

This world is fading away together with everything it craves.
I am here on earth for just a little while.

Oh yeah.
Congrats Nadal. Congrats.
Young and Versatile.
He is a good player.

I can listen to Ocean Avenue the whole day and not get sick of it.
Go Yellowcard. They have violins!
Just so it happened to play on my iPod yesterday.

There's a piece of you that's here with me,
It's everywhere I go, it's everything I see
When I sleep, I dream and it gets me by,
I can make believe that you're here tonight,
That you're here tonight.

We're looking up at the same night sky
And keep pretending the sun will not rise
We'll be together for one more night,
Somewhere, somehow.

If I could find you now,
Things would get better.
We could leave this town,
And run forever.
I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together.
Let your waves crash down on me,
And take me away,yeah.

Ocean Avenue is a Wonder Hit.

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