Friday, August 15, 2008


Busy Friday Afternoon.
But I am tired. My headaches.

Once a monkey, forever a monkey.

Nay, I don't believe in Darwin's Theory. Humans do not originate from the apes and monkeys.

Humans are Rational. Mostly.

High School was not-so-sweet as I expected it to be when I was 11.
But I love the good people I've been with. Love them, really.
They have good brains and good souls.

I wonder a lot, why must I deal with interestingly useless characters.
It still remains an unsolved mystery, though.

Bio was a whack. Screw Bio lah. Too complicated for men to comprehend. lol.
My people have many interesting opinions on it. Teacher took it as a joke though. Very Interesting.

No National Service for me, I guess, if the SMS told me the right thing.
Thank God.
I didn't mind participating in it, really. Its still some kind of "Life Time Experience".
But then again, I have many plans for the year end holidays, until I start college that is.

something struck me about that wooden Luther Gun on my desk.
read some news about Russia and Georgia and some tears streamed down my cheeks. War.
I always thought that guns were cool. I bet many do.
"YEAH I PLAYED WITH M-16 BEFORE IT WAS DAMN COOL." I wish I had the chance to.
Then again, what are guns used and made for anyway?

Happy Birthday Timmy.

And No school for Next week. Yeah.

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