Monday, August 11, 2008

Random No.3

Federer got through 1st round in 2 sets.
Didn't know that they only played best-of-3's except at the finals in the Olympic games until I wiki it today =/

ah. Other tennis players don't take Olympic games as a cool event, eh. Afterall its a title for their country, not much for themselves. Suisse, go get it thenXD

And I thought that the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Summer Olympic was fantastic.
Suddenly I felt a tinge of Proud-ness for the Country my forefathers lived in. =D


Where's the other Fed? =D, next Tuesday you fly back, eh? Term break was pretty long. I get a pathetic 1 week semester break next week before plunging into another hard time. heh. And I thought you looked a lil bit like Kenichi Matsuyama at the very last scene of L Change the World when I watched it the second time; which I finished it only today.

Doreen talked about genetic engineering and abusive use of it. Got me thinking about watching that movie again =D GIVE L A NOBEL PRIZE!! yeah in that movie the bad Dr. K engineered a virus weapon wanting to cleanse earth of mankind. But she wasn't smart enough to come up with an antidote. So she cheat lah. Do all the bad things. And then L got to clean up the mess done. Love his enthusiasm about things here.
L's lines were TOO humble although he was super gifted, at the end he smiled to himself and walk away alone (and died of course, time was up); while the bad guy's party were rude and obnoxious. It really got on my nerves. Grr.

L: "2 days more to live. ... "
Boy: *grins* (not knowing anything.)

I think that Kenichi Matsuyama portrayed the character well.
And they should cut the gory-ness of the infectious disease; because the storyline was good.
Although it isn't some epic movie like Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean or Dark Knight (which I haven't catch, yet.).

I came across this article about the growth of a human life in the first 9 months while waiting for the Bio teacher to enter class. (I mean, it has always been in my textbook, but, you know.)
very cool. From a single cell it grows and differentiate into complex human form. Masterpiece, I'll say; even though some humans grew up to be bad ones. Yeah and even the most majestic buildings around doesn't have such a cool shape like we do. XXD

Got back some test papers. Results for some subjects I prefer to get an A for (choosy about A's. heard that before?) raced down the hill with a very steep gradient. Bad Bad BAD.

I shall close this MacBook now. Take a short nap. And then wake up to do some reading.

Ah and yes before that a few shout outs:

Congratulations to my cousin yeeyee and kor chunhong! (no more Kor already.. it's gonna be uncle.. lol!) I wanna see your lil' princess very soon!

Fann, I see you in a theme park; on a big roller coster ride.
Get a Cocktail. Lie on a bench. Imagine a French Chateau with Aston shining brightly right in front on you. Open the bonnet and check out the engine. Turn on some Jazz. Read a good and interesting Bio book. And I'll pray for youXD

Yi Th'ng, I feel proud of you. heheh. Good Good. Thumbs up for once ok. Smile. Don't dread too much. Let's run the marathon. I'm finally ready.

Cal, cheer up. *pats back*. Your cheery smile should stay on more often =).
I don't know which guy around us are serious about things at 17. Boo.

Peh yee, thanks for your interesting advices. Lol. I shall sit on the pillow until it burstsXD
High School's ending man. Imagine 4 years back. Smile at our stupidity.

Serah, stop your multitasking. It really stresses me out to see you tick another done on your long to do list and I'm still there struggling with heat of dispacement. I mean, you can read 5 chapters of manga and still get 2 chapters of Bio into your head all at the same time. >.>

Mercy, maybe we should stop studying only from 1am to 3am one night before testsXD I'm feeling a bit worried here. LOL Lets find a harmonica keychain that we can bring to school =D

Fatin, so proud of you. You're really one of a kind. Hard to find another soul like you.
yeah you and Perng better stop telling me so much stuff about Fed when I can't actually watch him play because of my limited resources. My cable TV is YouTube only.

Juniors, please. I'm gonna put you little brats into my prayers. Hope something good turns out.


Shall not dread life even went things goes wrong.

Ok close. Promised myself not to touch any White Colour devices until the weekend comes.

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