Saturday, October 04, 2008

There goes the last holiday of high school.

I didn't do much during holidays though.
Stayed at home most of the time; perhaps All the time.
And there's no need to guess whether I studied or not because the fact is that I only managed to read up on half the last chapter of history and 6 additional mathematics questions.
When there's no studying mood (which usually comes only the night before The Day), the same page on the book lies in front me for 8 hours until I decide to close the book.
It all depends whether I close the textbook or the macbook.

That's the lazy me which should be changing in this coming last 10 metres of the 100 metres sprint. I really hope so.

I want to get to Singapore. Quick.
And then to Otago. Least that's what I wish for.

Because all I did at home was:
1. Ears plugged on the iPod listening to two new Christmas Albums.
2. On YouTube watching prodigies play which is rather hard to get tired of because I enjoy the music myself.
3. Banging on the keys and screeching fiddle frustrating myself to get a decent tune out of it.
4. Waking up in the morning feeling more and more lethargic each day until I finally decide to run the treadmill.
5. Digging out some movies from the dusty cupboard under my telly.
6. Pulling out a book which I had left on the shelf unread for half a year.
7. Visiting the dining table constantly for the Raya Almond London cookies. I tell you, its really good.

Well, why Christmas albums? Because Christmas simply means holiday. A long one. After we're all done with SPM. I shouldn't be thinking of holiday now actually, of you think about it. Because its only in a matters of weeks to the Big Thing. (which after we leave high school, most of us would have called it a piece of cake.)
Photobucket Photobucket
Anyway, NewSong's 'The Christmas Shoes' sounded good. Really. Michael O' Brien's voice is simply perfecto. And his voice has a tinge of Jazz. Mm-hm. Jazz.
And then the other was Relient K's 'Let it Snow Baby... Let it ReinDeer'. This one's catchy and upbeat. Very cool. And if you're listening to it the first time, you'll probably laugh to some songs. Handel's Messiah was one of the funny ones and its only a minute long.
Pardon me for using Rapidshare again. And free networks =D

My YouTube prodigy addiction has gone on for more than a year. I remember the time I learned the Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 for 4 hands. I used to record secondo and played primo on my Roland Digital Piano - because I was hooked onto Gabrille Chou's 6 year old video starring her playing the same piece, except that it was on violin. And then telling Fann about these talented kids (and I think she felt pretty awful during that period), and maybe we could try the Hungarian Dance on the school's Clavinova together, and then halfway painting the Installation Banner she lied down on the floor saying she didn't want to touch the piano again. Lol. I remember vividly. And now she's telling me she should have played Haydn's Allegro for the exams. We're reformed pianists! XD Next time we'll play in a quartet. heh. And maybe when we're 60, might be qualified to enter an orchestra.
Future's hard to predict. I should just leave for God's plan then.

Cute & Innocent Gabrielle Chou vs. The Witch
Ok I was joking about The Witch. She just incredibly good for a 6 year old. But Gabrielle, was the one who inspired me first.

Well, I'm some pianist who can't concentrate for long. After awhile bad notes starts to pop out and then it gets worst. Or rather, I'm not a good one. One without solid basic techniques. One who loathes scales and apeggios. heh. I don't know. I'd love to enjoy it, but not for a career.
The day before I pulled out a thick novel that has been on my shelf for more than half a year. It's Wendy's. I borrowed it in January or February. Somewhere around that time; the time of the year where there's no time for story books and novel.
A Short Summary:
The story started out slow, with a family consisting of a Father, a mother, and two young kids. A boy and a girl. Mom's agonizing over the lost of another daughter which happened before the other two kids. Dad's a forgetful, muddle-headed man, working as a Newspaper editor. Mom quits her job and then the family moves to countryside in Derbyshire. And there, they discovered Alicia's gift. She's a piano prodigy. As her mum, Kate, wanted to become a musician when she was younger (a violist) but wasn't allowed to and end up being a lawyer, she wanted Alicia to become one. And from there, Alicia's life was all prepared and managed by her mum - her personal manager that is. Adrian, her brother which was a year older than her, was a rebellious one. And his parents have no hold over him. Sometimes the thought flashes across his mind, 'why must I be the untalented one, and my sister the talented one, and there it comes along with all the attention in the world?' Despite having thoughts like that and being the rebel, he still does take care of his younger sister; protecting her from the envious bullies in school. And many important events happened, but they never told Alicia about it, fearing that it might ruin her well planned career. The fragile family is on the verge of tearing apart, but Alicia being too absorbed in her own world is not getting any information. Because it really takes one's emotions to control what you hit on the keys. That's the whole thing about being a musician. In the end, her best friend died. Her brother in the hospital all bandaged up with broken bones. She found out her dad has a second family all this while - with a daughter as well. And her mum being her 'personal manager' all the while, hid all the truth just to allow her to go through recordings, recitals, and the Leed International Competition, which was the Big Thing. But after all things came into light, she followed her boyfriend (probably the most honest and straightforward person in her life), back to the states. And there, they studied music together.
What a harsh life.

The book I read before this was similar.
Childhood, teenage, hectic schedule, and tons of shocking events.
Its as if you have grown together with the characters.
So That, will be the last book of this season. (not that I read a lot, actually)

And movies, yes - its history season.
I've dug out some of my dad's old favorites.
It was all history stuff and Operas.
My DVD album's different. I almost watch The Simpsons again.
This week I watched 3.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Lawrence of Arabia, Anna and the King, and Pearl Harbor.

Lawrence of Arabia was 5 hours long.
I watched it before when I was a kid, but of course I can't make up a thing.
The real story was about the Arab Revolt. And a single British officer, Lawrence, uniting the different tribes of Arab and kicking out the Turks in Aqaba and looting their trains and then getting into Damascus.
It was actually, fun, watching the whole adventure in the desert.

Anna and the King, was one sweet story.
And Anna, was one courageous, and witty english woman.
Set during the time of King Mongkut and Prince Chulalongkorn, Anna was sent to teach the King's children. Many, many of them. She did changed Siam's history after all that has happen. A lady. A widow. Salutes.

Pearl Harbor, was the sad one.
World War II. Roosevelt. Churchill. Japs.
You read the history and learn it.
The fighting scenes got me pumping more adrenaline into my bloodstream.
The pilots and fighter jets, were uber cool. Jet Planes. JETTSS. I love them. =D
No wonder my dad got the DVD. He would have done aerospace engineering if not mechanical.

The last WWII movie I watched was 'The Pianist'. Its with Cally now. And she texted me the other day whether I had nightmares. No, I don't. But I think I cried. Yi Th'ng wouldn't cry - she rather do some other things than watching that movie.XD

Movies made to dramatize the events of history, abridged, and may not be 100 percent accurate. But I think they still score 80. It was all quite good.
That's all about the movies I watched at home. yes I was stuck at home the whole holidays.
Not to the cinema, but on the bamboo couch with a notebook on my lap - reading wiki about what's going on in the metal box in front of me.

Maybe I should try Mozart's Twinkle twinkle little star variation. heh.

Looking forward to the last stretch of school. The faster the better.

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