Monday, December 01, 2008

December starts Now.

The last four days since I finished SPM found me doing nothing constructiveXD

Finished watching Corner with love.
My 3rd taiwan dramaXD
I thought it covered quite a few genres.
Rich vs. Poor, Sophisticated vs. Simplicity, Bicycle vs. Mercedes, Plane ticket vs. Friendship, The Snobbish and The Caring, some bigshot Jap Piano guy Fann thought was cute=D vs. an aspiring poor artist, Young and older generation etc.
Taiwan Drama's are always Dramatic so you'll expect some crying in the midst of rolling on the floor laughing your head off.

Playing the piano and violin in the hot room left me sweating and tired.

Tried some YouTube, but it kept me awake until 5 in the morning.

Accompanying my mum to get a dress while I only got a bubble teaXD

Watching 2 Vampire Knight Episodes, 2 Nodame Cantabile Paris Episodes.

Watching Planet Earth Documentary with my dad.

Doing random add maths questions. Was rather bored actually.

The Undang class bored me further. It stole my whole Sunday. I'd rather head to Church for both services. But it was such a coincidence when I met Cha Jen in the same car the driver picked us up in the morning. Met Kelly and Jia Xin as well but we were in the different class. My classroom was dark and old=/ I stole a few winks after I force myself to read the undang book. Guess what I failed the Colour Blind testXD Well 80% in that classroom failed anyway. I bet I got all correct when I did the second time in the well air-condition and bright slide room. Hmmph.
The Malay female clerk really got on my nerves. Doing things with that 'Tidak Apa' attitude when she left ChaJen's Colour Blind test paper on the table in the other room and telling her she passed the test when Chajen asked for the paper because hers couldn't be found in the stack. Both of us heard her name being called to do the test again before this. Good thing she stayed and did the test in her own book again=/ She calls out the students names for the registration so rudely like she's a big shot. And then she called 'Itu Buta Warna punya murid-murid pergi bilik sebelah..' Woah. Was I included? I bet no one there is Colour Blind. Their damn slide is too dim >.> and stupid fella, girls don't get colour blind because we're XX. Grr. Wonder why this kind of people exists. Kurang ajar or what.

Yesterday my cousin and my aunt reached JB. We ate dinner and she spent the entire night playing SDO-X, similar to O2 jam but this only requires 2 fingers. Then she reminded me of O2jam, have not played it for a year plus already! It seems only yesterday I was playing that addictive game. Anyway, I totally forgot the password and my new house computer does not have it installed at all. So I took the entire day today to download it again. They had new songs. Catchy ones.XD Maybe it was O2 jam that made me play the piano again. Since I could handle Electro Fantasy, why not Fantasie Impromptu on the Piano itself?=D That, was last year.

Today I spent my day out. Here and there.
Afternoon we reached Jusco. Then went to Tesco. And I call Cal where did she see the Nodame BagXD The real McCoy cost a bomb ($60SD) - saw it in Singapore the other day.

^Nodame carrying the bag with a weird expressionXD

This, here, costs RM24XD

And then at night I went to Yi Th'ng's house for the Last St John gathering.
Had some really good food. And cake I ordered from humble beginnings - the one Fann and I waited half a year to taste it againXD Mel orders it as she wishes. heh.

And watching Yi Th'ng playing LocoRocoXD
I wonder why I don't have the attraction to hand-held games although, although I like a machine like that. heh.

Out from the November melancholic-ness, into a December packed with activities=D

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