Thursday, January 01, 2009

Play me some Polka, Marches, Waltzes!

This year, Last year, I watched Vienna's 2000 New Year Concert DVD while reading history. Almost every time, and I'm pretty hooked to it, a lot. The catchy 3/4 beats, and snare drums elates my mood, especially when there's Uthmaniyah and Rancangan 5 Tahun. Oh well, those were times I weren't actually studying. How could I read in when an Orchestra is playing Strauss, in front of me? Too catchy.

I didn't know my radio plays Strauss, too, on late nights, but only on New Year's Eve. Its permanently tuned in to one station so I roughly know the schedule. They don't play Strauss at night, only nocturnes and chamber music.

=) happy new year. Let's have a polka!

I read that Bush took the conductors baton and started conducting the orchestra, playing to the song 'Stars and Stripes Forever"

Have some comedy on New year's day:

Bush conducts US marine military band.

Does this shows the playful side of the tyrant, hoping everyone forgets reality?

Give him an orchestra and he'll get the troops swarming back to their families.
Or a fiddle=/
Sounds like Yeltsin. Hitler. Nero.

Nah. 20 days time we'll have Obama. He'll be playing basketball.

Hopefully this resolution will come true (usually, no.>.>) :

2009 I'll be a busy homo sapien again. Busy, not stressed.

(Just 2009 will do. See how things go. 2008 was dead boring except for the SF concert and midnight adventure in Bugis. 2007 was much more excitingXD)

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