Thursday, January 01, 2009

Vampire Knight, not Twilight.

Today is Thursday, the later part of Thursday. or Thirst Day?

I'm fond of Thursdays because its the day of the week I get my dose of subtitled VK episode.

Sometimes I can't wait, so I watch the unsubbed ones on late Tuesdays. They air it live in Japan on Monday. Late night Monday.

Pity, the manga comes out one chapter per month.
The first season anime aired from April to July 2008; second season from October to December.
So you see, it was a long and terrible wait for this series. I mean, all new series are like this, but I watch the slightly older ones, so it normally finishes within a week (except PoT, not the OVA's. OVA's takes months for one Ep>.>).

And since today is the last episode of the second season anime, with no news concerning the third season, I'm having a post about it =)

I'm jealous of the Japs. They have a wide spectrum of imaginations. Creative, interesting ones that others want to know more about.

April 2008, I saw these pretty school uniform suits that the characters wore in some unknown anime. I checked it out, it was Vampire Knight alright. I can't help but staring at the suits. It looks soooo good on both the female and male characters.

That's how I got hooked, actually.

Oh yeah, can't deny the drawing for the whole thing was good, put aside the suits.

The story started off with a little girl, about 5, named Yuuki Cross, alone in the snow. One level E vampire was about to attack her, but a pure blood vampire (Kaname Kuran) saved her from the attack. Yuuki is then brought to Cross Kaien, Headmaster of Cross Academy, to be taken care of. She has no memories before the age of 5, and that was her earliest memories.

The hierachy of vampire class goes like this:
Pure Blood > Noble Blood > Normal (C) Class > D (Ex-Human) Class > End (E) Class

There's a whole lot of history to it, and some rules and taboos in their world.

Anyway, the scene switches to a school scene, 10 years later, Yuuki now grown up and together with another friend, long childhood friend, Kiryuu Zero, they are Guardians of the Academy. The academy has 2 sessions; the day class and the night class. The day class are human students, and the night class are vampires (Day class in black uniforms, Night class in white). During the evening, the transition between the day class and night class occurs as they share the same bridge to the dorms. Vampires happen to be very beautiful in looks, and the day class students go extremely crazy about them. The Guardians (supposedly disciplinary committee) which is Yuuki and Zero, they control the students from swarming to the night class. On the surface, a Guardian's duty is to enforce the peace by keeping interaction between the Day and Night class at a minimum. The true role of a Guardian is to protect the Academy's secret: what the human students of the Day Class don't realize is that the Night Class is made up of vampires.

In the world of VK, vampires and humans have been waging a war against one another since ancient times. Aside from hunters, the average person isn't aware of the existence of vampires, and there are some who want to keep it that way and have vampires and humans co-exist peacefully. One of these people is Headmaster Cross, and with the help of Kuran Kaname, one of the few pure blooded vampires and the one who saved Yuki's life all those years ago, the Night Class was created with the hopes that a group of young vampire nobles can learn how to bridge the gap between the two species.

The story is exciting, revealing secrets of the past, and the characters own background and family itself.

If you want to see action, there is. Cool ones. Kaname is so far the most powerful one (aside from already dead Rido Kuran) being able to shoot holes in treebarks, breaking glass, uprooting trees and damaging tiles, making people vanish like fireworks, appear and dissapear as he wishes - just by his mind. The nobles have individual powers.

Initially I thought it was another school girl, shojo manga with some flashy vamps.
Turned out to be so much darker than I thought it ought to be.

1. Zero's Bloody Rose 'evolve' and grew thorns all around his body in the battle with Rido. (In the manga, the illustration was much more dramatic that the anime. It even reapt off Kaname's hand; but no worries he's a pure blood. He can regenerate 10 pairs if he wanted to>.>) Yuuki's Artemis became cooler, after the became a vamp she could still use an anti-vampire weapon. Now how cool is thatXD

2. In the end of VK guilty, after Yuuki bit Zero (for the first time)(no forcing involved) before they go on seperate ways, he said to her, "The next time I see you with Kaname, I'll kill you (and of course Kaname, wanting to destroy all pure bloods); so you better run as fast as possible, away from me. " What a touching line. XD

Exciting stuff.

Give this one a shot, it's a good one to keep you on your toes.
From left: Touya Rima, Shiki Senri, Ichijou Takuma, Kuran Kaname, Cross/Kuran Yuuki, Kiryuu Zero,
Aidou Hanabusa, Kain Akatsuki, Souen Ruka.

Kaname or Zero:

Favorite pair:
Shiki x Rima!

Favorite family background:

Black or white uniform suit:
White. or Black. Can't decide>.>

Cross Kaien hair tied with specs, or hair let down without specs:
Hair let down without specs.

Zero or Ichiru:
Two are one!

Now, now, no more fighting, Happy new year =)


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