Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I forgot the existence of Bad Guys.

It's the 7th day of 2009, that marks a week of the new year.

They started school on the 5th, and in 14 years of my life I'm not putting on any standard uniform to school in early January. Yet in Convent there's still unresolved matters to be settled. I hate it to say I don't really look forward to return to school soon, but I had to. Which part have we done wrong that things had to turn out this way?

Cik Mas sent me forward messages since she returned from her long pilgrimage holiday. Christmas and New Year ones. I was glad to have her back, so we could sort things out, but it seems that she's not glad to be back, with extra responsibilities to carry this year plus never ending problems. I can brag about the past, but today I want to be as far as possible.

Anyway, Sunday and Monday found me on the computer 24/7. I was making full use of the 2 days I get to use my dad's mobile modem on my laptop. I needed bandwidth to load YouTube videos, because I decided to follow another anime series: Monster.

Its 74 episodes long, and I'm barely at the middle yet. It made me think a little, how many percent of Humans in the world are Monsters?

Usually they come from a bad family background, a terrible childhood experience, or rejection even before birth.

Well today, I forced myself up, early. Seemed like I forgot my plan for the day for a moment, but dad reminded me, I wanted him to sent me to school. So I took my bag with the necessary stuff inside. This time I made sure my phone was in the bag, not under the pillow. Grabbed the letter, and went downstairs. I had to be back before 11am for piano lesson.

Dad said bye, dropped me at the school gate, and the guard graciously opened the gate for me (for the first time, very nicely.) Met Mrs Ignitius, she was nice as ever, and handed me a letter to pass to Chin Fang. Then I waited outside the staff room for Cik Mas. She looked Tired. At my 2 o'clock, there was Mrs Lee, she smiled. Mrs Emilda too. Then I went up to 5Sc2, same place, to get stuff from Chin Fang. She was a good Secretary. Probably the only one.

I walked down the slopes, the guard opened the gate again. Hopped on a Taxi, he was a nice Chinese guy, asking me what I'll do next after SPM, and telling me his son finished Electrical Engineering in NUS. Reached Rtr James Ho's house, and I thought he was going to be angry with the late delivery, but he wasn't. Instead he kept saying Thank You and good job and that Rotary gave funds to PKK, the social homes my dad is in charged of at the moment. We exchanged God Bless and I was off, heading off to the Pelangi Bus stop.

Basically everyone I met was nice. I thought I had a fine morning travelling in JB town.

Actually I did wanted Rtr James Ho to say, have a save trip home.

And on my way up the road to Omega and the main station, I thought, wow, I'm panting. Last time I didn't feel a thing.

I wanted to sent out a message to Fann, telling her the work is done, then I remembered what Hou Ling said when we were walking along the streets nearby leisure mall, that I shouldn't hold my cell phone like that, as somebody might snatched it.

Then I met this chinese guy, he looked.. worried. He was on a motorcycle, but he told me his car had some problem, and it was at the back lane of Omega. I thought, he must have gotten this bike for temporary use. He said he needed to call his sister to get a repair man in order to get his car fixed. I wanted to help him call instead of letting him use my phone himself. But I guess I had Okay experiences with strangers using my phone; all of them were grateful and some even wanted to pay me money for that call. That guy looked.. okay. Late 20's.

I handed him my phone.

I wondered why he was typing he keypad nervously. Maybe he was worried that his car broken down. Maybe my keypad was hard to type, its not tactile anymore.
He listened into the phone, spoke some cantonese, and asked me whether I was in a hurry. I was not, me being me, I was truthful enough to say, no I wasn't in a hurry.
He said come let's go see my car, and he drove off to the back lane. I walked a bit, the street was quiet.

Okay. He was a phone thieve. I should not go in that lane to search for him. He was no where to be seen.

For that moment, I realized I was the Stupidest person on earth =_=

My piano teacher new about it, she said I should have just said, No credit. And walk off.
That's one thing my piano teacher would do, but I prefer not to tell a lie.

Am I too truthful, sincere?

I don't think I was being naive then.
I could have analyse the place and situation, then I would have known that this is something else. And I very well know how they steal phones , using your phone then run away with it.

Instead, I had met many nice, good people earlier in the morning, and being too familiar with good people, I had forgotten the existence of the Bad ones.

Next time these little doubting thoughts of mine appear, make sure I'll get to it.
Just like how I saw my dog in the morning and not telling him to return home before I went out. Sigh.

Anyway, that Infected 2+ year old is gone. He won't be able to sell it at a high price. System failing. =/
I thought I could use it until at least before I hit college.

Sometimes happenings like this, make me dislike this City, or Country even more.

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