Thursday, January 22, 2009

23˚ Below.

In Cameron Highlands.

A really big moth outside the mamak stall.

Starbucks for those who miss it.

Convent on a hill! Really nice weather to study in. (okay, bad photo>.>)

Ah, shoot. Couldn't get a bigger picture because wires were all over the place.
But a very nice building, has an older feel than the one in JB.

Boh tea plantation, at a higher altitude than the other plantations.

Tea leaves processing factory. (slanted=/)

(over exposed fluorescents, flash was hard on the metal surfaces. aiks.)

The shop that sells tea products.

Clear skies, scorching sun.

Bharat Cameron Valley.

Pretty majestic from where I stood.

Entrance to the Ole Smoke House.

Sneaked to the rear door to take a peek at the interiorXD
'Patrons only' the signboards say, and a sirloin steak would costs RM80.
A nice piano always adds to the mood =)

The beginning.
Little budding fruit in a flower.
Juicy! =D
While I was downing some really nice, fattening straberries and cream - we met these 2 foreigners that have seemed to follow us around for the day >.> Almost every location we visited, they and their cellulose-free legs would be there. They Hiked. ALOT XD

That's all for the day.

Pictures taken with: Panasonic Lumix, pocket camera.

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