Wednesday, January 21, 2009


5 hours on the highway, 4 hours on windy roads. It didn't feel as long as 9 hours. This can only prove one thing: I'm getting older. >.>

When you're one, 1 year is your whole lifetime.
When you're seventeen, 1 year is 1/17 your whole lifetime.

That's why 9 hours seems so much shorter today than 7 years back!

9 hours past so fast that I didn't have time to turn on my iPod. Shows how occupied I am, not feeling bored at all; but in reality there was really nothing much to do in the car. I tried to write Peh Yee's autograph during the car ride but my handwriting was getting wackier by the second so I stopped after one messy paragraph. heh. I ended up dozing off a little, waking up and staring blank, out at the overcast skies. Doing That, actually occupies my 9 hours without a tinge of boredom.

We stopped for some lunch and break, but back in the car I was permanently glued to the seat due to the seat belts, and at the same time resisting the odd feeling of my butt cells having to be continually in a mitotic state. Actually, It happened since the final month before SPM. Sitting down and sleeping most of the time, if not at the books. Those old days of constant, hard, physical activity is long gone. That pretty much explains the terribly low metabolism of the undisciplined me. XD

Anyway, dad was telling me how Malaysia cancelled out all the British names for our mountains and ports because they have that 'slave mentality', thinking that British came to make them slaves and kept them backward for years. For example, Kota Kinabalu was once called Jesselton; Port Swettenham now Port Klang, etc. On the other hand Singapore is still keeping those British names like Raffles, and is proud of that heritage.

The hotel here in Brinchang here has some English Tudor style architecture. The lobby is pretty medieval style. Dark shades, masonry, wide spiral stairs, vintage leather sofas, Hogwarts-style chandelier, a fireplace and a mantelpiece. Very cool! I'll get the pictures up later.

Playing: Bach Cello suite no.1 in G major.

Just suitable for the atmosphere. =D

Except for my parents who started mimicking the infamous laughter of Wolfie-Mozart in the hotel room, from the movie Amadues - dad randomly picked it up from the DVD store few days back. Although plot may not be exact, following closely according to the history and biography of Mozart, it was enjoyable nonethelessXD


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