Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amplified: PEH YEE's 18th BIRTHDAY

yes mrs prima donna, it was your dayXD

Spotlight on the diva who turns 18! =D

Glad to have known this lady, 6 years at least, as we share common grounds, not all, but some.
Great kawan to blabber just about almost everything under the sun!
Similarly, we are both only-the-lonely kid at home. Our quiet home. Nothing like Cal having 5 noisy brothers with another blunt adopted 19-year-old-returning-to-australia-leaving-cal-lonely-again bro.XD

With me you were a sincere friend for the past 5 whole years in secondary. And I even let you in the sickbay (now a dungeon thanks to___) to do last minute SPM revision and occasional lepaks even though sometimes it looks like a damn rubbish dump.

Thanks also lah, willing to talk to this girl with no clique at all, during form 1 days when I decided to embark on my own journey in Convent when I could very well followed my peers to that Taiwanese school in Stulang Laut, Foon Yew High.

Ugh. Everytime someones turns 18 I feel OLDDD.
18 means no longer relying on teenager prices. Cal and Fann could easily deceive anyone just by using their looks though. No, this diva here would still get another year of student prices with her remove class lie >.> eek. (She doesn't have a remove class look! Science ONE look OK All the Way FIRST CLASS DIVA>.>)

I'll drop the diva title once you're eighteen years and 1 second old.

Hope you stay the same, don't change too much as you grow older till your high school friends have difficulty recognising you ok.

Cheerios. ~juju.

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