Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giggling in Secret.

Some newbie fella on Macrumors' forum who goes by the nick 'Boris.Jones' posted this:

The fan noise some of us are talking about has nothing to do with sensitivity
of the ear or relativity of the silence of the otherwise noisless new macs or in comparison to noisy PCs -

My noise problem was somewhere between a noisy hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner!
VERY LOUD INDEED !!! - like someone posted earlier "like an aeroplane taking off!" and quite shocking.

I have had only one bout of this trouble over a 3 month period! It stopped when I pulled the power supply out of the back of the imac.

if what I am talking about happens o your mac - you will know! with out doubt and you will be highly alarmed!

It happened to mine randomly nothing to do with workload - and for a short while was stuck on at every startup! - even after an overnight rest and cold start.
LOUDER THAN A LOUD HAIR DRYER!. the noise of a fan being driven like a turbo charger! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! sounding like its going to possibly wear itself out and seize unless it can be turned off within a few miutes oe so

Any way, since that one and only spell of trouble, now about a month ago
I have had no trouble with it at all!

I had no choice but to let out my laughter, although I am in the exact same situation, facing what he described hours ago. I think mine sounds like a radio-controlled racing car's motor engine. Yes that motor sound - it even has the accelerating and decelerating effectXD

I don't know what happened, but when Mei Ping stated that was some weird noise coming out from the left side of the mac, I realized that the sound I heard earlier wasn't the noise of the normal machine's routine - it was something else. Actually it just came on randomly when I opened the app iMovieHD.

My growing exasperation that could enable to smash flower pots and fish tanks (although ain't rushing any assignments on the machine) told me that I should go scouting for fan control apps. I knew that something was darn wrong with the left fan. >.>

Enjoying my noisy mac?

Nah. Not anymore. I downloaded fan control (as well as smcfancontrol but never got to use it anyway), installed it, configured it in system preferences, let the machine rest for the night and I myself headed to bed.

Now its quieter than ever. honto da! Heh.

Dad said I should start doing some housekeeping as well, to get it to run faster.
For me ultimately to prepare it for college.
This base model mac isn't gonna be much use actually, since they provide powerful high end computers in the college itself for programmes like autoCAD and stuff, which they use for modeling big projects.
But neither am I letting it buzz around like a racing car nor letting it take 15 minutes (ok, exaggeration.) to load an Adobe Creative Suite programme - so what I have to do is housekeeping. And Disk Warrior-ing.

Not going to spend money on a high end notebook yet; technology grows 100x faster than humans, that's why my 3 year old base model macbook I got for pmr is functioning like an old granpa now. Literally.
If I get a high end notebook now, it will turn out the same way as this machine did. 3 years in the future its great grand sons will succeed it and all my money would seem wasted again. There.

Economy not good larr. Think properly before you spend on gadgets =.=

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