Thursday, February 12, 2009

200 Monkeys

Usual routine. The 11.50am wake, brunch, some computer, piano/violin, SLEEP. Wake up, walk around, dinner. Computer/book/bible/, sleep. All with the classical music radio station on 24/7. (now I know, yes, they are advertising Tales of Hoffman on radio!)

Actually I wanted to do this quite sometime ago. Just did not have any inspiration to, and the biggest excuse would be my crayons and brushes were hidden at the back of my cupboard. Never thought of drawing or colouring at all (since the compulsory form 3 mid-years' and interact banners). After all, I was stunningly terrible at it. I remember attending one and a half years of crayon art class when I was in standard 3 though. Was the oldest there and won the golden award for the year end exams. So what do you infer? Was I good, or as I merely a little better at controlling the crayons compared to the standard ones?

Rolling on my (new arranged and low) bed unable to sleep due to my active mind (had a good amount of sleep previously), got me staring at the left hand side, the cupboard, the lowest tier, the hidden crayons and brushes.

Since I was being lazy the whole day (with only one go at the Chopin prelude), I got off the low bed, grabbed the boxes, tore a piece of drawing block, and I thought of Spring. I don't know why, but what inspirations could one have just by lazing around in her boring-toned home?

African Baobab trees with apples + sakuras, Very Striking flower beds, Middle-Earth's Misty Mountains, a large water container, dirt path with a wooden boxed platform, end of the world backdrop, and two humans (a vertebrae-less girl)(boy looks fairly okay).

That's how bad it is =S
I can draw plans and elevations but not sceneriesXD

It was all unplanned, because I was itching to use my brushes and buncho water coloursXD
I wanted one boy only, but he seemed lonely so I added the vertebrae-less girl in it. - Unplanned.

See how I resort into colouring?

The sms that says SPM results will be out on 23 Feb looks blardy fake larr.
I say it will be out on 9th March. M.saw's birthday.




Otherwise I'll be busy packing now, all ready... =(

Anyway, this whole piece of weird art was done entirely with my Left hand.
It was an Experiment.

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