Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Friday!

And I thought I could break my own record.

I thought I was able to go through episode 10 without crying. (nah something happened at the end; the boy cried and I cried. geezz..)
Ep 11.. a little at the end.
Actually, I cry less as the episode goes.
Probably a little more immune to those scenesXD

Anyway that was the Jap episode 1 litre of tears.

1 week in an architect's firm with Dan was interesting =D
And they actually got a Japanese contractor to build city square - about 10 years ago.
They say local contractors can't handle the project - which I believe was true 10 years ago.
yes another week to go~

Today is 27th Feb 2009. Second last day till the month ends.

March. March. March.
I have an odd feeling towards the days to come - one is which I wished it would come sooner, one is which I want time to stall until I feel alright to grow old(er).

I don't want to. But I want to.

I want to relive my teenage but I don't want to.

I want to go through high school again but I don't want to.

I'm looking forward very much but I don't want to grow older.

Why am I contradicting my very own words?

March symbolizes a new beginning, a new month, and a new cycle to the four seasons.

Spring blossoms marks the end of the long and cold, old, winter.

I wish not to hear disappointing news of the past; because I want to live on.

So maybe the coming days has better things installed for me =)

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Im KV ! =) said...

Thanks lots for ur advice,cdt ld cheam.i realised that we didn't put as much effort as the others school.actually my team had some bickering during training.but until the week before competition only we really focus and tried to avoid any fight.if time can flow back,i believe we all will want to put in double effort.btw,it is not gg to happen.the juniors really trained hard and tried their best but their best was still not enough to beat the others.
we break the promise to win the comp.i really have nothing else to say other than sorry.i understand the reason why you didnt want to come.nothing better than disappointment.i feel that what we can do now is to think of ways to help the juniors to improve in everything they can do.
i'm sitting for grade 8 exam this year.ur guessing is correct.=)i care so much for my piano because i don't want to fail another time.i failed my grade 6 before.
i think u r very talented in music so u should be able to get back your agility.jiayou.=)
i heard that spm result is going to be out soon.hope that you would get a flying colours one.
thanks lots for ur encouragement.
hope that everything is fine for u.
take care.