Sunday, March 01, 2009


And I started my early morning with the marching song, leading little kids to yessir's and 2-beat marching steps to a simple but catchy song. =D

Usually kids just shun away from me whenever I was around (least that's what I observe) and of course I can say I despised them.
In the earlier years I was sort of an angry teenager, easily provoked and got work up at minor things; I love my electric guitar to bits and love the rebel lyrics of any pop song on 98.7.
And yes I despised kids, and I despised adults. I talk to neither, and was drowning in the world I was in. The imaginary, idealistic world that would never come to pass.
Seems like there was a season my life went haywire X)
I wonder where my youth disappeared to?
For the past 6 years I have been keeping a lot to myself, and don't even mind being in the room for the entire day. Like I didn't mind prison as long I have rock songs in my iPod.

Such an irony that my name had to mean Youthful in its latin origins.

Some time later, unconsciously, I picked up some valuable life skills and tried on a big man's hat - I mean, tried to act like a grown up. A persona, maybe.

And then I started talking Beethoven and Mozart, replacing Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne, but Switchfoot remains on my list permanently. XD

But here's a nice fact -
I realized I had no problems with kids anymore. Nowadays that generation with this 17-going on 18 kid, we 're like magnets: I would go over to babies who can't walk yet, and the others run up to me. =D
Now is that a breakthrough or what?

Let's come down to the point:
I'm on my way to the exiting door of being called a 'teenager Kid'.
I'm not too happy about it because it really chokes up the 'growing old' feeling. Dread of it.
That means I have no chance of doing the stuff teenagers do anymore, which then brings out a longing need for another decade of Secondary school life after I know how the game is played.

But this is no Benjamin Button, I cannot grow younger.
Or even Benjamin Button cannot grow older if he wants to - hands on the face of the clock will not turn anti-clockwise in the natural way.

On the other hand, it gets exciting. Years ahead are definitely going to get busy.

Hey, growing older isn't so bad.. isn't it?

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