Monday, February 02, 2009

Random Feel Good Talk.

I can't remember what happened yesterday - probably another day of rotting at home! lol. =D

Playing: Borodin's Nocturne for String Quartet.

How many times in life you get a chance to utter that sacred phrase? For now at least, I think that the time between the last day of SPM and the day you face the undeniable truth =o - The Results. However you anticipated it.

Fact is, the Ministry of Education Malaysia is allowing us this special season in life, for once. Because it takes that amount of time to get things done. I can only sit idly and fret over everything. For instance, like how I already forgot the feeling when I was studying for it. Hah! I can't remember studying for SPM! (Probably didn't do so much, either =/) And, like how the others are explaining A level Further Maths and I'm starting to figure out the times table again and having problems doing simple arithmatics in my head when paying for a ChocoTop. Geez. Everything is draining away. Time cheating on us? Sometimes, I even imagine that an aeroplane carrying the papers would breakdown and all the papers forced out of the plane cabin, flies thorugh the sky, adn then slowly, but surely, ending up floating on the surface of the vast and open sea.

Its February. I should plan to do something useful already.

Ahh. Anyway today I had trouble waking up at 7 in the morning. Nothing astounding about it, but its hard to stay awake throughout 2 services in church hearing the pastor preach, and sitting at the absolute last row. The entire morning - especially when you had 3 and a half's hours rest the night before. The sleeping time fixed, as usual; the waking time was manipulated, 5 hours early; and the fact that I managed to have my eyes wide open was the response. Still a little groggy and teary-eyed I made my way up the flight of stairs without tripping over it, I made my way to the children church's hall. And an immediate invitation to a dinner fellowship party in teacher Stella's house. Hah. That means I will have to drive the Gas powered kancil all the way from Permas Jaya to Tasek =/ Far. Anyway, had another great day with the worship team - don't even know whether I'll be free to be around to serve in this ministry once I hit college! =I

Perhaps Naomi's guava chew became a temporary drug to keep me awake in the first service. After the worship leading for second service, I sat around listening to Sarah Abraham singing MTV songs when some of them started playing music from their mobiles. Insanely astounding for pastor's-9-year old girl with missing front teeth.=S

I ate 3 quarter of yesterday's supposedly-eaten-for-dinner bento Kenny Rogers - and I snoozed 3 hours. 3 hours! Another bad-for-health day. Absent breakfast, sleep separated 3 hours here and there - that stylish way of life.

3 hours was enough to keep me alert during the 2 hours I was driving on the road.
Dad suggested I give my driving teacher 2 mandarin oranges, he'll be happy to receive it.
So I did.

Again, drove in Route A - had some uncertainties in the route, still, although this is one of the last hours practicing driving for the test.
The terrible one was B Route.
Halfway through the route I took a left turn to the Permas bridge.
My instructor even jokingly asked, why I wanted to head home instead of going back to the driving school to do Part II stuff. lol.
So he decided that I should drive to Tasek straightaway - and at 45km/h I reached Tasek approximately half an hour later XD Hah!
Anyway I was pretty glad today, having the engine to die on me once ONLY, and the teacher praise me for the reverse due to entering a wrong lane in Tasek.
Before I got down the car, he returned two oranges and 5 bucks! =D

The BungaRaya Sri Tebrau agent got me a good instructor =D

I only remembered him raising his voice when the engine kept dying repeatedly at a junction once. Once.

He wanted to treat me lunch at 4pm the first time I had my practical lesson. He haven't had his - because the natural gas was was exausted before he came to pick me up (at an already delayed time) and he had to wait for someone to deliver petrol - on Christmas Day. =)

The very first time I sat in the car to drive around the driving school circuit, I remembered him dozing off when I was practicing streering at 20km/h for an hour. =D

=) just some feel good memories.

After the fellowship and good food and getting laughs out at how I got conned of my cell and also the chance to meet up Melody after a period of time, I realized my parents laughed at how the car started off in front of our house gate >.> Indirectly trying to get a good laugh out of a beginner driver. >.<>.>

If you know how congested adn cluttered the upper floor is, you'll wonder how I shifted every furniture and object around. Like a puzzle.

(I planned to do this sometme ago, but never got myself to get off the comfortable refurbished sofa and get to it until I saw my furnitures being pushed around due to my mum trying to remove the curtains for them to get washed.)

A cm thick of dust after a mopped my room floor just Yesterday. Could also indicate that I did it with an eye close. heh.

No wonder the water tap turned itself on and the sneezes came in like a thunderstorm everytime I sat around in my room XD

And my indifference towards the execution of cockroaches in the house has gone from bad to worse.
My mum will be darn upset if she knew that I saw one running about and did nothing about it.

Because I just did.
As like I did yesterday.

I'll just be cautious enough not to let it touch my skin and prevent it from climbing over my beddings: that'll be quite enough.

Blah. Anyway my wooden bed frame is gone, out of my room, into the little space after the flight of stairs, and into the guest's room. And I noticed I scratched the parquet floor right infront of the guest room's doorstep. Eeek.=S

(and I had a bad excuse that we're not going to stay here much longer so why bother to take care of the parquet when the next tenant could do a new layer of varnish? I wasn't very sure about the staying part though; future is uncertain.)

But at least now my room is spacey. I hope it stays this way and not get cluttered up with stuff again >.> Because I like it this way. Spacey.

Bed mattress is on the floor now. I think its better too; afternoon naps can get pretty warm sometimes and because the cool air from the aircon flows nearer to the floor, its more comfortable nearer to the floor. Ah cut the crap. I always wanted to sleep on the floor again like when I was a toddler. (anyway the cool air part was Tested and Proven. Not my physics theory trying to poke in some annoyance again>.>)

Despite having to know that the second Wimbledon 2008 history happened again, I wasn't too dissapointed though. Although I admit there still was some. Both were good players. Nadal's style is just here to defeat Fed's style of playing. The new and young ones will come and the older one's will slow down and call it a career. Oh gosh, Fed's old already? =( 27 is not old. But old, in the world of Professional Tennis. Sad isn't it. Fed didn't get his 14th Grand Slam title this time =I To equal to the greatest tennis player in history - Pete Sampras, Fed has to get the 14th. And the 15th would mean surpassing Sampras already. Nadal's a great player, but why, why couldn't he come in a bit later and let Fed grab another few Grand Slam titles? Gahh Nadal threw Fed off the ATP No.1 seat and now this. =I But who pushed Nadal to play at greater heights? Fed did. Who made the game so exciting and dramtic at the same time? Like they say, it takes two to tango.

I have to watch 5th set to see it all, how it all happened - and ended.

Teddy bear don't cry.. T.T
I wanted to cry along so badly, but I guess since I'm not the player himself and will never walk in his shoes, I'll accept the fact that someone's out there better than me. And with all willpower to win another Slam and equal a record, upgrade! Yes easy to say, but with all the emotional waves crashing in I guess its so darn hard for Roge.
Still, I'll say Go ROGER FEDERER!

Oh, it's 2nd already,
It's Ying Ying's birthday.
Happy 18th Birthday Tomodachi!
She's such a loyal friend. Having to be best friends in Standard 3 and had to seperate classes in Standard Four, she still delivers my birthday present year after year, without fail.
What about college? Times change, people change, but I hope this sincere, cherishable, friendship would go on forever!

Yi Th'ng, another bestie from secondary, flies of to Perth today.
yes, I guess I should stop thinking about sticking to everything comfortable and allow my friends and me, myself to continue our next stage of life.

And I, shall call it a night~!

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