Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Childhood Terminus.

I'm loving more... of everything around me.

What's this... Advent of appreciation?
And realized things are going to be different in just- a couple weeks time.

My close friends are the few best, influential people on earth.
Not all have precocious talents, but they were the best people so far in (almost) 18 years of living.
I have a small, (quite) quiet family of 3 living in a proper terrace house where every unit looks unique. (unlike stereotype boxed HDB's, one which I might be living in soon =/)
Yes I'm living, breathing, alive and kicking. Love it. This wallow in contentedness.

2 days till Veritas! =D HaHaaaaa

Right now we're still in a limbo.

You know I just love those car/bus/train/boat/ferry/plane rides.
Especially long ones. (only recently I think >.>)

Just buckled up, seating quietly, staring out the window, reminiscing, imagining.

If Russ had that look on his adorable face, mum would say that he's in deep thoughts.
Yeah. One day and he went missing. Just another day I decided to follow my buddies to Singapore- and he got lost, until today.

I remember how he used to sing to the choral sounds on my old Roland digital piano, noisy tuneless strums on my guitar, old mcdonald had a farm on the harmonica, an out of tune Boccherini's minuet on the violin, and the opening bars of Chopin's Scherzo No.2 on my current piano.

Russ was a music aficionado alright. I wanted to get a nice $2 dog collar from Daiso today, not until I recollected my senses and realized that I had no more pet dog. I don't own one anymore.

Countless were the nights I dreamt of Russ returning home.
The 1001 ways he came back and reasons why he left without a parting shot.

Ah. Russ oh Russ where art thou.

Me and my bento misadventures.


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