Thursday, March 12, 2009

Impassiveness =I

Actually I felt the same all the while.

You know why?
Because I emptied my green zebra highlighter on 2 chapters of Form 4 Sejarah.

But in the end I still DID try to memorize everything from Paleolithik to Wahyu to Tok Janggut to Dasar Mahathir to Perang Blok Sejuk to Ekonomi Berpegetahuan.

You see you see I did I did!

Only thing is that I passed up less than a quarter of Zahara's Malay essays. Aiks. Confessions of one who is leaves for Singapore this time round. Don't tell Zahara please. I feel bad for chitchatting my way through 1 hour 45 minutes with... Fann.

Which I shouldn't.

tsk tsk bad Malaysian.

You know what?

Thomas A. Anderson a.k.a Neo (from The Matrix) and I share the same birthday. X)

pardon me; I'm fully aware that Neo is a fictional character, but its hard to find another sharing the same birthday! =D (however I know the architect Neo that I had lunch with last week XD )

Oh yeah, and the Madden twins of Good Charlotte too.

Oh yeah, and also Samuel Tee from RYLA '08.

Marley and Me actually made me relate my next decade with the life of Jenny Grogan.
It's the ideal kind of life I can dream of, but being a mother with a career isn't at all straightforward.
But how much cooler can it be when things just go according to plan? Literally, ticking off to-do list all written down in a planner?

Next time I want to rear a dog, a rabbit, hamsters, racoon, ducks, and a horse.
And more than one kid. Living in a cosy home near big fields.

Pardon me again, for thinking out loud.

Before I leave this out due to mild absent-mindedness..
To everyone who remembered my birthday/simply got a FB reminder xP and did sent me birthday wishes, thank you very much I appreciated it.
I may not have replied because of a coincidental-credit-run-out-on-my-bday (con man took 30 bucks out of my phone remember) Yes that's why. But I did take advantage of the birthday bonus thing. =D

Meanwhile, I think I should helped out in my dad's office.
Still quite sometime before I can go shopping for stuff I need. =I




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