Friday, March 20, 2009

Daddy Archetype.

Oh yes, my dad has every attribute I would like my future husband to have and be like. =)

As well as being the most realistic role model for me.

My current thinking in prospective: I would like to purchase the property just next door, hack down the wall and do some grand renovations, rear 2 dogs, and live with my parents and young family. Idealistic to the core. XD

Then my current (enlarged to double the size in near future) house can look like the perfect tudor with a complete front roof facade, given that the neighbours on this one and only street retain the tudor looks of their houses. Plant more trees. Replace the old underground pipes. Tighten the security. Location of my house is perfecto.

Well anyway,

Happy Birthday Papa.

Wished everyone I love would stay by my side forever.

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