Monday, March 16, 2009

The Epitome of Greasy Hands.

The various driving schools in Malaysia, under the umbrella of JPJ a.k.a Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pengangkutan Jalan Raya (or something like that lah); believe it or not, every driving school + (in collaboration with) JPJ is playing dirty money.

JPJ Malaysia playing Dirty Money Damnit.

Depraved ugh =S

Every time I see those fellas in the segak segak gaya punya pakaian seragam I get the 3 feelings:

1. Scared of the Uniformed people. In general. (+muka busuk masam)
2. Big Shot Divas. (oh not only feelings, I believe it's a fair observation on my part.)
3. Playing Masquerade. (Truth. Truth. You'll find out very soon.)

You know why? I have 1001 and one stories to tell about my entire dreading experience at the driving school.

Oops wrong.

Mine wasn't that bad; but I literally felt like I was experiencing every one's experience!
I went straight into every one's fairytale-gone-wrong every time they shared their driving experience at the school.

Jon said his friend bribe 100 bucks because he failed to turn on a signal at a junction. Jon himself had the engine died on him and wanted to do the same but in the end decided to retake the test. And passed.

Peh Yee was told to bribe 100. Said either you do it or they fail you repeatedly until you give them.

Cal's driving school instructors told her to bribe 300 in order to get a pass, cut the hassle.

Yen Lin (met at driving school, same agent) bribed 450 in order to get a 'guaranteed pass' no matter how badly you failed on both parts. I've learnt that there were 2 person inside the pondok/hut to look out for your tag number. One was the JPJ officer, the latter from the driving school itself. Those who decided to bribe were given a pass on their papers although the car went backwards down the hill/ hit down a pole - right in front of all the other candidates.

As for myself, I handed not a single cent to the JPJ officers because I got through in 2 tries.
However I'm fully aware that my agent charged extra 60 for the JPJ test.
Receipt was a mock.
Go figure where the extra 60 bucks landed.

(I've heard many stories, however above are the ones that are still fresh embedded in my mind.)

JPJ officers don't ask you for it personally and they appear clean, transparent on the facade.
(umm, actually some tak malu, they're daring enough to ask for it straight in your face)
Murkiness deep within. Hah.

What a fulfilling career. Fast and easy money. Let's all be JPJ officers! XD
No money no talk ok? Malaysia Boleh!

I don't want to get any poorer by giving them duit kopi. No No.
Drive properly, break no rules and they will have no chance to empty your pockets. =D

No wonder the road systems here are crap.
80% on the road are constipated drivers. Recalcitrant. -scores for an A1.
Even my mum breaks road rules the way she likes it here, but not in Singapore. X)
Singaporeans are almost exactly the same, they being bounded by rules back home drive the way Malaysians do once they cross the causeway. This is one amusing situation.

But at least they have tight rules and heavy sentences =.=

Very well.
So I finally managed to obtain a pass thus ending the whole process.
Why, finally when I only took 2 tries?
Its because the whole process took so much waiting and worrying (pass, no pass, lots of money $).

(at least in SPM you get to study as much as you can swallow and school tests are as good as free; every hour of practice on the road means money, QTI and JPJ tests are one of the most expensive tests I've been through.)

Waiting and worrying, was the worst, lamentable part.

Ah what a great relieve.

I vow to be a good driver!

"Justice! What is Justice?"

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Chia Ern said...

Congrats for passing your driving test..!!! Mine is not until April, but having my QTI tomorrow. XP

Same ol' situation here, bribes everywhere. Have you ever heard of bribing with KFC..?? It happened here. The candidate had to "ta pau" KFC for the instructor (heard that it was dinner for his whole family) who was waiting at a place hush-hushed. He passed alrite.

Well, some of them whose engine died several times still managed to pass, thanks to the "almighty" bribe. Aaah, the world is round lah~ Hopefully what goes around comes around.. XDXD

Also received the letter from PKTR, but I did not noticed that I got a page less until I received another e-mail from them today. I even went through the trouble to write an e-mail there to ask about the camp's dress code.. @_@