Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lesen Membunuh Percubaan Malaysia

Today I actually had the chance to tick off 2 items on my 'Post SPM to-do list'.

A list which will not be fully accomplished:

1. Get a driving license. (done. 24/3/09)
2. Change wardrobe. (In the midst.)
3. Get a Piano + Violin piece perfect. (yet to get one perfect.)
4. Hit some tennis balls. (yet to.)
5. Do calculus. (yet to.)
6. Vacation with high school buddies. (I don't know whether the Singapore trips are counted.)
7. Room Makeover. (maybe, a bit done)
8. Teach Home Children (taught one today, 24/3/09)
9. Shop for Yi Th'ng and Fann's 2008 Birthday present. (done.)
10. Read some good books. (reading; so far one and a half.)
11. Anime/manga/j-drama/t-drama/k-drama (done; one of each.)
12. Mission Trip. (yet to.)
13. Learn basic accounting. (yet to.)
14. Play Chess. (yet to. lazy)
15. Clean and album my coin collection. (half way done; stopped half way actually.)
16. Cooking. (yes, a few days only though.)
17. Photography. (yes, a little the last holiday.)
18. Sketch some random stuff. (I did.)
19. Bathe Russ. (no more chance to.)
20. Go for Concerts. (done)
21. Sleepover. (wonder will I still get the chance to, now that 99% of my friends are gone?)

about 14/21. 2/3.
Most done halfway. XD


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