Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Physic Farces.

Me: When the car accelerates, will your body go forward putting the seatbelt to use, or lean back against the car seat instead?

Mum: Forward la.

Me: (=.=") When you steer the car to the right, will your body swing to the left or right?

Mum: Right la.

Me: (=.="") What is velocity.

Mum: Oh I saw that word in the hospital!

Me: (=.=""') What is Mass?

Mum: ... Mass is the opposite of volume!

Me: ( o.o )

Dad: Teacher would have given you a pinch if you answered like that. Don't bully mama la, Ju.

Mum: If I had taken human biology I would have scored an A1!

Me: Please. For the hundred and twenty-fifth time.

Dad: (Continues with Okto's Myth-Busters.)

They were pretty satisfied with my recent spm results, though I'm very sure I didn't work hard for it. Mum said she found me sleeping most of the time with a book covering my face, lights on at 1.30am. And I copied most of my homework when I'm lazy to get it done. Today, I'm feeling very guilty about it =(

Why, because yesterday, a girl from the PKK home had to sit down for 4 hours to do her homework in the office! And I can't even sit still for 40 minutes doing school work on my own. She wasn't very good in her homework although she spent time on it.
The different stratum of society.


A simple situation like this goes all complex in my grey matter.
Almost cried when I kept thinking about it =/

My favorite sentence when I was a young, learning toddler:

"Why ah mama, why ahh?"


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