Sunday, March 29, 2009


A week in retrospect, brought back some pleasurable memories of my first few years staying in this pretty laid-back town of Johor Bahru. (ok not so laid-back if you want to compare it with Pahang/Sabah etc. I'm referring to the next fast-paced town- Singapore)

I did finally managed to pull myself out from bed at 7am for the past 2 weeks (with early nights), all of that to follow my dad to PKK office to helped out with some clerical job Melody was currently doing.

And I was perpetually fascinated at what Melody could do. But of course, she was there for 3 months already, that's why paperwork seem effortless to her (or from what I perceive, at the least.)
Because there was much more to it than just writing letters to the principal and arranging duties- like what I did two years ago, although there were loads of those two to be done in stipulated time. I remembere breaking down once, just once, in the computer room when Yi Th'ng came to my rescue. (oh yes maybe just for that once she saw me stressed out. =P)

But I suspect the whole problem was this:
1. I simply couldn't use my cell phone to contact teachers in school (to locate them, they're running everywhere!), while I was in school. Why, because it would completely defy the school rules of bringing a cell to school (let alone use it to call one of the teachers). And you can imagine why I always ran out of class to the computer room or sickbay- to make important phone calls. The last 2 years in school Yi Th'ng and I sat together just next to the exit. Ran out of class as we wish, although much lesser in form 5.

2. I didn't have a car. I remember how we used to pack our bags hurriedly, changed into tracks and training Tee, stuffed our uniforms and white shoes+socks into our bulky schoolbags, run down to the canteen to get a take-away, frantically sprint down the slope and halted a taxi to bring us to Jln Harimau. And If, I didn't get the necessary part of paperwork done in school, I'll have to find my way back there, but then I didn't have enough money with me most of the time. Public transport all the way.

Anyway, being in the office with someone to talk to was fun. I was also trying to imagine how the one on the other side of the phone line reacted after hearing such a sweet, childlike, and innocent voice answering the call for the office. Melody would make a great nurse. =D =D

Saturday teleported me back into the 90's.

The scene was akin to that of 1998.
The first few people I met in the town: Wongs, Boeys, Yaps.
I was 7 then, starting Primary school.

Primary school.

Followed auntie Agnes and Mel to Pei Hwa's Christian fellowship last Friday.
The kids. They look so young. And energetic. And possessed childish adorable ways.
They wore the same uniform as I did 6 years ago. The sowed on 'prison number'.
The same hall design. The hall with an illimitable ceiling which ended somewhere in space (we were little people then, everything was much bigger then.)
The Chinese speaking people, cut the la-la culture altogether. Kids, just kids who got caned for disobeyed rules and passed up late homework. But also the joy of enjoying what is given to them.

I realized I was as big as the adults in size and don't fit among them children.
I realized my look had changed. Somehow, just older.
18, although still young, but officially an adult.

So there I was on Saturday, in the whole new large and majestic hall of the newer Church's building, sitting down on the floor removing plastic wrappings off the new chairs for the congregation- with the other 3 families my family and I met when we arrived here in JB. Chatty, just like in the 90's, except that all of us are grown-up's now. Finished Sec school, ready for College.

Joel has to be one awesome-st drummer around. JB, I mean. Both of them Joel's. But of course the older one has to be better. =D
Loving this team of awesome people, but I'm wondering whether I'll make it back to finish my children church worship duties until 17th May.

I'm wondering whether I'll still get the taste of home after this.

Because I wonder whether I'll still be nearby in the next fast-paced city (again), or 350km away from home.

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