Monday, April 27, 2009

Gorrilla eats las vegas.

Pity pity pity.
If only I had the chance, I would be at least on par with these musically talented people.
That means another lost chance for an experience to the joy of playing music, together.

Too bad, Foon Yew 3's band coach spends less than 10 minutes with the brass players- ONLY Euphoniums & Trumpets, for every 2-hour practice. We practically experimented with the brass thingy we were holding, trying to fart out a decent note. While I managed to fart out concert B flat scale though, the others were still struggling to get a decent sound coming out from the bell.

That, was Foon Yew 3.
Poor school only rely on the Parent Teacher's association for sponsorship and donations.

Better still,
I.J. Convent Johor Bahru doesn't have a band. (Kulintangs, we have.)
I can't possibly imagining them spending (to them, wasting) money on those pricey brass instruments and hire a band coach/conductor- since they were telling us off every recess to safe electricity and water etc etc. Hmmph. What to do. Half-government-sponsored school ma. Tun Fatimah I heard, has an awesome band that competes at National Level.

Me, always, in the audience, at the distance, watching from afar, dazzled by these talents. And when I thought FY 3's band was the most awesome Primary school band in the whole JB, nah. Nonsense. JB isn't that at all developed when compared to its neighbour (Get what I mean). But FY3's band would be my only 'experience' of playing in an ensemble. A rather amateur one, but a real enjoyable one.

Mr. Solo piano, I like it, don't get me wrong, but sometimes its extra fun and entertaining when playing music together. (but yes, I'm aware of the ups and downs as well.)

Well anyway, I happened to follow my fellow Secondary-School-Trumpeter friend to the band room, dazzled by the brass players who were self-practicing (good materials, really) and then got a Cornet, fart out a concert B-flat scale in 5 friggin years, walked out, informed them a dozen times that I was only there to consider whether to join, in which this situation had me decided No, I have no chance in this because they don't take in and teach the newbies, followed a percussionist over to the percussion section, tinkled with the Marimba and Xylophone, talked to some wacky percussionists, watched them settle down on the arranged seats, watched the conductor raise his baton, listened to them tune, section by section, listened to a couple of pieces, smiled, enjoyed, smiled again, exhilarated (Gorilla eats las vegas? =D), entertained, followed through the Mallet's score, listened to them playing the finals bars, some announcements, folded up the music stands, grabbed my bag and A3 file then left the room.

Approximately 10.20pm I reached Jurong East.

Other than getting a free show like that, another recurring dream had came true- I touched a trumpet in 5 years.

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