Friday, April 24, 2009

How to: Order Subway for the very first time.

I've heard about it a couple of times, I pass by Food Court 5 everyday on my way to the Studios (like somewhere on recluse island), and then I wonder whether I'll get my Subway sandwich today. KFC and McD's are generally unhealthy, Pizza Hut is over my lunch budget, Food Courts with the local food are good, but it's too stuffy during lunch hour without air-conditioning, or else its located 15 minutes away~

Last day of my first week. Queue was tad long, but since it was Friday, off early, long weekend.. I joined the queue for my sandwich. teehee :D

And good thing there was a queue; or else I would have gone all kelam-kabut. Erm. Maybe also totally loose my face. (Fann's lingo: Memalukan.) As if I haven't loose my face enough for the past two weeks; wanting to alight on the wrong side of the train in front of another student, uttering Ringgit for the millionth time, U-turning at junctions when I got lost in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering School, going through short-cuts which took me longer than my usual already-long-route simply because I got lost, again, and again, etc etc.

I, having live in JB for the past 11 years, has never stepped into a Subway. I don't know where's the nearest one but I have never seen a Subway in my most common shopping grounds (City Square, Pelangi Plaza, Holiday Plaza). Oh wait. Maybe there is one in Holiday Plaza. Maybe. But in any case it was empty and didn't look very inviting. :/

When I was 9, I remember my dad ordered a Footlong Sandwich like this in New Zealand just before the Shotover Jet Ride. It lasted the whole day. One bite from mum, one bite from me, and then the rest of the sandwich goes into dad's backpack and we would continue our touring activities. I don't know whether it was a Subway, anyway, I only remembered dad had thousand Island for the dressing.

Anyway, ordering a Subway can be pretty intimidating for a first timer. With 5 sandwich artists at the counter working at top speed, asking you what bread, length, fillings, veggies, toppings, plus those who are pro at ordering sandwiches babbling their veggies and toppings like a bullet train, it's pressurizing when you stare at the veggies and toppings can, wondering what its called again. What's that red thing called again? apples? potatoes? No, it tomatos. A simple veg name like 'tomato' can slip out of your mind when you're under pressure when ordering a Subway without having a clear mind or cannot make a quick decision if you haven't decided yet while queing up.


1. It's important to have a friend beside you who already knows how to order a Subway. At least if you're too shy to ask 'how do I order a Subway?' You could at least ask, 'which is your favorite bread?'
-Hearty Italian, 6 inch please.

2. I'm aware Subway sandwich artists usually ask what type of cheese you want, but this one in SP doesn't. So save one step. I'm not familiar with the types of cheese either.

3. Still haven't decided on the filling? Go for the cheapest filling like tuna or cold cut.
- Cold Cut please.

3. Stand closely to the person in front you and listen how they order the fresh veggies. If you're finally happy to see the wide selection of fresh veggies, don't be over excited. Make sure you know what to say and what the veggies are called when the sandwich artist ask you what you want. Don't go mute and start pointing into the glass. Worse, don't go saying, 'the red one, the round one, the black small and round ones, and the shredded ones please.'
- Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Chilies.

4. For the dressing part, the bottles usually have alphaberts like M, S, H, something like that. Don't go cracking your head on what the alphabert stands for. Just listen closely to the person in front of you order a sandwich dressing and you will get a slight idea of what it stands for. The boards doesn't really show you what dressing you can top your sandwich with, especially if its a small Subway, so learn it at least from the person in front of you before getting yours done.

5. Finally, set or no set, take away eat here, its the easiest part. Either get a cookie or chips. That's it. Fill your empty cup with your own choice of drink at the drinks bar, find a place and dig in!

Enjoy the Oil-less, refreshing, and a meal with lots of fresh veggies. And if you can't finish it in one go, wrap it up and have it later, even on-the-go!

Also, remember to learn all the ingredients before ordering your next sandwich. You might get a one that suits your taste buds completely!


Mum would have a really hard and intimidating time ordering a subway sandwich, annoying the sandwich artist and the people in the queue at the same time.
That's for sure, 100% sure XD

And I shall get chewing gum for Gordon (Gordon: You MALAYSIAN ARH? EHH HELP ME BUY CHEWING GUMM!!) and Elaine; because they were nice enough to drop me off Orchard MRT station, although I should have learnt the way around Orchard much earlier from my JB pro-Orchard Road shopper friends/ or even if not shoppers, they had brought me around a good number of times but I never bother to learn. Never. Teehee~


Gabsicle said...

Yeah, those Subways really tekan you into ordering fast. I usually end up making something with random toppings with often disastrous results.

I remember getting a honey-mustard + olives + tomatoes BMT - sourness perfectly traumatized my tastebuds.

More tips on this would be mucho appreciated.

Julia C said...

my concoction was okay. actually pretty awesome =D good to repeat what the person in front of you just ordered- especially when he/she orders like a pro, they know what they want and what goes togetherXD